Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Just one spark can prove more about gun powder than all the books in every library on this planet. Just one explosion can.. more than any literature that's been painstakenly written by mere man on this subject.

Just one spark of authentic biblical revival can prove more about God and His love for people than all the books in every library on this planet. Just one explosion if ya will ..CAN.. more than any literature that's ever been painstakenly or easily written by mere man on this subject.
"Of the Samaritans our Lord said, 'Ye worship ye know not what,' let him not have to say to us, 'Ye know not what ye ask.' The word 'revive' wears its meaning upon its forehead; it is from the Latin, and may be interpreted thus—to live again, to receive again a life which has almost expired; to rekindle into a flame the vital spark which was nearly extinguished. When a person has been dragged out of a pond nearly drowned, the bystanders are afraid that he is dead, and are anxious to ascertain if life still lingers. The proper means are used to restore animation; the body is rubbed, stimulants are administered, and if by God's providence life still tarries in the poor clay, the rescued man opens his eyes, sits up, and speaks, and those around him rejoice that he has revived. A young girl is in a fainting fit, but after a while she returns to consciousness, and we say, 'she revives.' The flickering lamp of life in dying men suddenly flames up with unusual brightness at intervals, and those who are watching around the sick bed say of the patient, 'he revives.'" C.H. Spurgeon
Revival is given to people who praying for it. Yes, to believers who ask and perhaps fast as the Spirit leads them. It happens on earth as a result of simple proclamation of living truth as well as with the humble receiving of God's living truth.
Today we need this more than air. Earnestly, honestly, whole-heartedly seek God for it. But you ask where? Easy. A true revival is to be looked for in the church of God. Why not? Can it happen outside the building? Yup, and it will. But the Church is the one gig that Jesus left here for us sinners. He didn't leave behind a cool coffee hangout, or some lame law firm, or a yoga studio, or a chain of fast-food restaurants. Nope. Not sayin' look in any certain church denomination or with any certain preacher or pope. I wouldn't say that at all. 
Should such an authentic revival happen ..rather than some nominal shakin', jerkin' and weirdly quakin', back-breath-poser kind of fake-revival happen.. I mean be granted to deacons and church elders.. what completely different men this would make of them! The church would become winsome and lovely. 
It ain't about religion and never has been - the God who revives has never been that way. He loves people!!!.. and has never been stiff or in-love-with manipulation or worthless traditions or non-helpful legalistic rules. 
While a true revival in its essence belongs only to the repentant, born again people of God (read John 3), it always ..without cost to man.. spreads God's extremely valuable blessing around to others. Yes, spreads it around for the other sheep who are not yet of this fold. God has always been a missionary kinda God... He also really wants to help others in regions beyond. 
And such an outpouring of reviving-grace could actually lead to a nationwide or worldwide spiritual awakening where lost, totally dead-inside kinda people are woke up into life. Yup, also born from above inside. Think about this. If you drop a rock down into a lake those h2o rings from that splash will widen and spread continually, go smoothly, widen rapidly.. until the farthest reaches of that lake, even the very corners of the lake ..if it has corners.. will soon feel the influence of that one splash on their shores. Biblical revival can happen again. Let the Lord revive a believer and very soon their family, their friends, their classmates, coworkers, and neighbors will ..if open to truth.. receive a share of that ginormous benefit; for when a Christian is revived, they will pray more fervently for sinners. Simple to-the-point kinda prayers of faith. 
Will You not revive us again, that your people may rejoice in You? 85/6 Psalm . Bible
Come, let us return to the Lord; for He has torn us, that He may heal us; He has struck us down, and He will bind us up. After two days He will revive us... 6/1-6 Hosea
The law of the Lord is perfect, reviving the soul; the testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple... 19/7 Psalm
When real Christians (and you know there are so many who just call themselves such..) are really revived they live more consistently without the hypocracy. They in prayerful and practical ways make their homes, workplace and gatherings more holy, more joyous, and more happy. Guess what.. this leads the ungodly around em to envy them, and to enquire after their secret. "Man, what have you been smokin', usin' or drinkin'? How and where did you get that? Dude, in this moldly, boring, dank and skankey job here ..WANT SOME OF THAT NOW!"   
"Father, for thy promised blessing,

Still we plead before thy throne;
For the time of sweet refreshing
Which can come from thee alone.
"Blessed earnests thou hast given,

But in these we would not rest,
Blessings still with thee are hidden,
Pour them forth, and make us blest.
"Wake thy siren bering children, wake them,

Bid them to thy harvest go;
Blessings, O our Father, make them;
Round their steps let blessing flow.
"Let no hamlet be forgotten,

Let thy showers on all descend;
That in one loud blessed anthem,
Myriads may in triumph blend."
If a hardened, base, or very rank ungodly man steps on into a so called Bible congregation where all the once musty, gripey, fussy, complaining, and grumpy saints are now revived.. that sinner will not all of a sudden feel tired and go to sleep under the sermon. Won't happen. The spark has turned into a blaze and the fire so to speak is burning out of control.. out of the control of carnal, worldly, and religious men. Not that Christians there will lose control of themselves as many leaders today have often taught. No, no! Won't happen! Self-control is a fruit of the Spirit. But real revival fires so to speak.. will indeed spread and grow to bless people all around that location no matter how many religious leaders try to stop or harness it for selfish financial gain. Listen, GOD LOVES YOU, YOU CAN KNOW HIM INTIMATELY ..and personally i was in a biblcial revival before - the so called Jesus Movement. Just sayin'.. i'm an up close, first-hand eyewitness. Saw it happen in and from Costa Mesa California and it can happen again. Turn. It could even start with you right there.  facebook.com/shareJesus
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