Thursday, January 22, 2015

You can gain a good spiritual hunger even when you currently have zero in the tank.

"He who has the most need of righteousness is he who desires it the least." ~ Puritans 

How do does a believer develop this wonderful spiritual hunger, when he or she currently doesn't have any hunger for God's Word? Simple. 

It's the principle of prayerful force-feeding your own decision ..until real hunger arrives to your joy and betterment.

Ever been so busy and not at all hungry for physical food (my brothers and I would get like this when a north swell was in and the waves at the beach were good..) but then you tasted some of your grandmother's uber delectable home-cooking.. and you suddenly got real hungry for more of it? Hey, it can happen. All guys know this.  

So be motivated If you don't have any spiritual hunger now to apply, cuz you could easily get on auto-pilot so to speak.. you can get locked into neutral impact.. for many fruitless years and then regret such waste. Yup, as your friends (minus your good influence on em, or any healthy words or warning) simply head in the wrong direction to their LONG-term hurt. 

But wanna know the end result of havin' such a great hunger down on inside? God says it plain, "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied." 

If you are not authentically revived, on-fire for Christ instead of lukewarm spiritually.. if you aren not spiritual and balanced instead of carnally or worldly minded.. if you are not really hungry for knowing the Lord.. and hungry for the things of God.. then how do think that you will even start to help anyone else get hungry for what they need most? 

For 18 years of my life as a church-goer in Southern California.. I allowed many blind men who were dead inside to lead me ..a blind and very dead-inside kinda person. I had no hunger inside and never got any from them, because they were not hungry for the Word of God or being born again in Him. Hey, If you wanna start getting spiritually hungry in a good sorta way, then try hangin' around with spiritually hungry, spiritually alive Bible lovers. 

Ain't here to cast the final judgement or be "a hater" of people. Nope. I do want to judge myself, but I'm not the ultimate Judge - never was Him. But listen, God does want each and evey single one of us to judge their message and fruit. 

Who? Those you like you hear or follow. Is the one you follow following Christ according to the Scriptures? Nobody can be a good leader who isn't a good follower of the Bible Jesus.  

Yup, I'm a fruit-inspector and a seed sower instead of the Judge. I like to sow seeds of truth from the Bible. God wants all of us Believers to be hungry for truth and sharing what God says is really so. 

Jesus is our best Friend and as iron sharpen iron so one man sharpens another.  

So who have you been feeding from.. I mean listening to lately? Who has been influencing you, and in what direction? Towards the Lord and His Church or away from His Word and Kingdom? 

Here's a good test for em...

What is their doctrine like?..  do they actually hold to Christ and the Essentials of our historic Christian faith?  

What are their deeds like?.. 

..and what do their so called disciples turn out to be like? What do they crave.. you know what are they hungry for? What are they talkin' about the most, or actin' like?.. immoral, or puffed up with "know it all" pride. Are they greedy, lustful, or rebellious regarding the civic authorities or towards Bible authority?

How are their attitudes? Now you know that real Christians can act like a hypocrites, or even have a bad attitude at times. I hate those kinds of sins and have been guilty before, but what is their character really like?

The Bible says, "Do not be deceived: bad company corrupts good morals. Become sober-minded as you ought, and stop sinning; for some have no knowledge of God." 1 Cor. 15:33

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