Tuesday, January 20, 2015

God, we want to see and experience You today...

..yeah, like we do everyday.. in the small and quiet moments.. or not so much.. and in the small or not so small details of this life. Yes, perhaps in ways that we hadn’t even noticed before. How cool would that be, Lord! Let Your will be done. Let Your Spirit take control. Thank You for Jesus and for the gift of Your quiet presence - so powerful and good. Be glorified in and through us. Feelin' so grateful for how You work to bless us.. for how You hear our prayers, how You respond, and for wherever we may find You workin' with those around us today. Wanna care like You always do. Give us Your winsome tact, and wise words of truth.. Your tender kindness of attitude, Your non-milk-toast or wimpy kinda strength, and BIG hearts for those we meet today.. in Jesus Name. Amen.
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