Saturday, December 6, 2014

Thankful for another day, for this pre-sunrise-quiet, and for some hours free...

..just to get my marchin' orders if ya will, and to build relationships. 

Woke up early, so I grabbed by Chromebook for a change and climbed up into my loft early. Can hear myself think and hear a clock over the fireplace tickin' away, but can't hear anything else. N I C E! 

Man, it's so easy to take all the simple things of life for-granted. Never wanna do that. All needs met - I lack nothin'. You and I.. we be radically loved! Our prayers get clearly heard, and then we get the best answers. What's important to you now, hey, God takes it seriously cuz you're so important to Him. 

Thanks, Lord God. I praise, bless, and extol Your lovely Name! Lord, I wanna sing hallelujah to You and somehow.. in some way glorify You. What would you like me to know and do today? Where would you have me go? What should I be prepared to say? What would you say? How can I practically help someone in a way that will make a difference for eternity? 
So many people have problems they can't solve. So many feel that they've been ripped off in life, that feel they've wasted too many years, or feel just lonely, afraid, acute shame, condemned, worthless, empty, insignificant, unsure of the future, guilty and hurting ..even in churches. Some really grieve and mourn. I met some this week.  
Lord, together how can we heal a hurt, encourage the downcast, build up Your body, find a need and meet it in the best kinda way? By the end of this day and weekend.. I just want to know You better, and wanna love You more. Honest. I believe that You, me, my two ears, and agape love can make a difference here.  
Refill. Let rivers of living water flow. Revive, restore, awaken! Let my service be directed ..with Your timing, tone, and tact. Put me.. put us.. right in the middle of what You are doing in our times. Don't wanna miss You. I pray I ..I pray we.. can clearly hear Your words and take heed to obey You. Give clearity of vision with passion and enthusiasm. Got new goals for us? You can fit all the broken pieces of a life that once was..that used to kinda function..back together again. Please lead the straying in new returning to You, and the lost in first-time turnin' with saving faith inside. A lot of bad has happened, many lame decisions have been made. I've made some too, but there's more mercy in You cuz of the Cross than sin in us people who put You there. The tomb is empty, so You can make it all work for the good for those who love you and are called.  
Please do exploits, give great victory, discernment, fruit that abides, lasting success, sincere charity in my heart.. in our hearts.. and give accurate words to comfort and ministry to those in wanting such or not even thinkin' about it. Speak to me.. to those that I and that we.. would come across today, Jesus. Amen. 

That's one of my favorite words - hallelujah! It's cuz everywhere I go and have already gone, no matter the nation, the dorf, or the big city.. no matter the common street language with it's different slang, or the university-speak of the lettered peoples of the area where I am visiting.. every believer grasps. Yeah, when you say that word, every Christian knows what it means. And my favorite name to mention is of course the Name above every other name, Jesus. There is wonder-working power in just the mention of that Name. When was the last time you tried praying in that Name?

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Today I plan on doin' a couple miles with Liney and ma dog. plan on joinin' some friends to fire up some holy ruckus in music a bit and perhaps even some electronica chill, and plan on studyin' the life-change of a humble shepherd kid named David who got promoted by a smarter-than-ever, incredible, sees-it-all kind of loving God. Then see where it goes from there. 

"The Lord lives, and blessed be my rock, and exalted be the God of my salvation." ~ David, 18/46ps.

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