Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Patience puts up with those your old nature would normally feel like puttin' down. "The Spirit helps us in our weakness." c8/24-30rom

God, at the end of this day, I just want to know You better, sincerely want to love You more.  

I also want to have helped someone out in having the same blessing I enjoy in Jesus. And I want this running conversation with Christ - a constant, unceasing, non-stop, warm heart to heart, meaningful convo. Muslims tell me they talk with their Allah five times a day, but I want to talk with the only real living God ..you Lord.. all the time. Amen. 

Sure, wouldn't my life.. wouldn't your life.. be way better if I ..if we talked, listened to, and obeyed God.. as much as I ..as much as we texted people?

I want to trust God and brag about Jesus most ..rather than give myself to worthless junk. I wanna cast all my cares upon the Lord - cuz He will sustain me. He cares for me. He allows me to go through pain to draw me close at times. 

Wanna indeed slow down, and shut up (let me put it nicer: be quiet Kurt, and listen to God's word. Make time for Him. Friendship with God is for those who have reverence for Him). Why worry ..acting like an atheist? 

You know... live the life in love by the power of the Spirit. Go tell it - the bad news and the Good News.. of the Gospel. And please do give the unbeliever a clear opportunity to pause, pray, turn and simply come to Christ as they are. Why put this off for another day ...when we might not even get another day? God knows.

Scared or full-on freakin' out? Pray.
Over thinkin' it—in analysis paralysis? Pray.
Losing hope, or already been there? Pray.
Worried.. kinda tribulating some? Pray.
Strugglin' like a baby sparrow wantin' to fly? 
Pray and put your Trust in God.

"When I am afraid, I put my trust in You." 56/3psalm

Let's care about what God cares about. He doesn't give a flip about our image, He cares about our character (..wants it like Christ had. Wants it godly). He cares about our motives, our choices and how we live. He's been so very merciful to me. Yeah, there seems to be more and more to distract us away from our first ministry - unto Him in worship. It's good to know what's goin' on around us here. So much is interesting too. Mr Al Sharpton with Pres. Obama at the White House as their rep 82xs (as of yesterday), politics run-amuck daily, Ferguson is kinda interestin' to me (so many ignoring the facts - Brown never once held up his hands in the air or said Don't shoot. Instead he charged an innocent man to kill. It's so about sin instead of skin there, and we all need to overcome sin through Christ. Can't alone. God'll forgive. He ain't ever limited by our limitations).

It's still interesting to me how at least 90% of the media is so biased/way left (weird propaganda). But I try to remind myself that more importantly than all that stuff goin' on is.. we each can have, cultivate, biblically develop an intimate friendship with God and we can also allow Him to use us to win and edify people! What's big in our Land isn't the biggest there is, or the main thing for us to focus on. We simply have bigger fish to fry so to speak - we can focus on Jesus and share His Gospel. 

Feel like sayin' Hey USA: Wake up. "Draw close to God and He will draw close to you." He is passionate about His relationship with you. 

He wants your love - " I want you to show love, not offer sacrifices. I want you to know me more than I want burnt offerings." Hosea 6:6nlt  knowgod.org  facebook.com/shareJesus

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