Friday, October 24, 2014

Would you pray somethin' simple like this, believer...

Dear God,

What's going on in the world is bad, but you are good.
People are not assured inside, though New York and our government keep trying to assure them.
I want my friends safe, long-term rescued from all wildernesses, death, and also want em accurately informed while here. 

Please touch Dr. Craig Spenser who was simply overseas helping sick people.
Our country and other countries seem off the rails, but your plan is not.
Help me be a part of your purpose so others can find hope and be blessed in your Son.
Thank you for hearing these half-feeble words of mine.

In Jesus name. Amen.

Now post-prayin' the world around us might not have changed ..yet.. but I am changed. I have His peace, assurance, and expect much better things to come. Remember, "sayin' your prayers" and government aren't our source, but God who sits on His unshakable throne is, and He remains sovereign. We live in a world impacted by sin. He love you and Doctor Spencer more than gobs. Won't change or ditch you. 

Yesterday we were basically told...
Don't sweat it. Nothing to see here. No reason to be alarmed. We are aware that he took the A Train, that he took the L Train, an Uber car, that he went bowling feeling fatigued. We are carefully monitoring the situation. An investigation is underway. There's been a full coordinated effort here, we are as ready as people can be for this circumstance. The President called last night and we talked to his Czar. All the procedures were exactly according to the book. I want to assure you that it's OK and under control. And some say all this is reason to shut down incoming flights, but this is proof we should not shut down any flights. ~ NYC

#Ebola #WhiteHouse #CzarWithZeroMedicalBackground #NoLiberiaFlightsStopped #PeopleNotAssured #Why? #AmnestyInAfewWeeks #BordersMoreOpen #ToRemakeAmericaUmustFirstUnmakeAmerica. I hope Governor Cuomo is right.
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