Monday, October 20, 2014

Might sound a bit funny, but the people I meet are kinda like a Fender Strat. Yeah, each one is and I am as well.

Whaaat? How? 

Well, if I was to pick up and try to play a Fender Stratocaster guitar, something just wouldn't come off all that right ..according to how Leo and his manufactures designed it.

The guitar would actually go down in value. But if Bob Dylan were to pick up and play a Strat ..for only one of his creatively written songs of real poetry.. that very same guitar would go way up in value. I know someone would pay gobs of bucks for it, yes, a whole lot just for the privilege of hanging that Strat on his or her home wall.

Now, I really don't know how you can play a Strat or any guitar for that matter, but the same holds true when the Lord gets a hold of a person's life (by their turning to Him, by their trusting, by their personal choice). Yup, when He fully has and works through a life, something so beautiful, something really sublime, something uber-wonderful begins to happen through that life.

Questions: Have you yet surrendered your life over to His Lordship and been filled with His Holy Spirit who does all things good? Have you yet turned from your wrong-doin's to the Creator of music and all that is good? Is He your Savior and guide? He can be right now

Have you paused to talk with Him today about what He wants to do in and through you? Have you talked with Him about your needs, hopes, problems, struggles...or about what your friends need from Him?

Really enjoy meetin' people. So much potential! And really smart at times, in so many different ways. Can learn gobs from em. Might sound funny, but each one makes me kinda think of a #Fender Strat.

Dear God, I'm Yours today. 
Right now, I turn my life over to You. 
Forgive me for falling short and hurtin' You. 
Take hold of me completely. Do Your thing with me, not apart from me.
Play me so to speak.
Let's make beautiful music together ..starting right now. 
What are the specifics of Your plan and will?
Fill me with wisdom, discernment, keen insight, and with Your Spirit so I will be ready.
Help me make the choices that Jesus would make, so I can be pure and pleasing to You. 
Lookin' forward to this great adventure called today.
Show me what You will say to me as I go through the Bible. 
Thanks for leadin' out better than any lead-guitarist in the best bands. 
Yeah, askin' and sincerely thankin' You in Christ's Name. Amen. 

"The Strat has just a unique combination of pickups sounds-I just love the way it sounds and I'm glad Leo Fender was born." ~ B. Raitt

"I think it's the most expressive of all the electric guitars, it had the most vocal tone-it's the nearest to the human voice that you can get." ~ R. Trower

"I just love the shape of the strat. I love the three pickups, the shape of the head, the neck. Even if it wasn't a guitar, if it was a door stop or something, it would still be a great piece of design." ~ G. Harrison

"Leo's an artist, an original. The Strat is as sturdy and strong as a mule, yet it has the elegance of a racehorse. It's got everything you need, and that's rare to find in anything. The man made a work of art here." ~ K. Richards

"I met Leo Fender, who is the guru of all amplifiers, and he gave me a Stratocaster!!!" ~ D. Dale

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