Sunday, August 31, 2014

Had some good reasons to thank, to exalt, and to all-out praise the Lord yesterday. Today I have some new reasons and a big one starts with the letter “M.”

It's MERCY which clearly says I ain't gunna land what I deserve to get ..ain't going to now, then..ain't going to even a little bit. Nope! And then guess what!.. bonus grace'll show up in addition to that. It's cuz of the Cross of Christ. How.. too cool for school... is that! 

"New mercies every morning, grace for every day, new hope for every trial, and courage all the way." —McVeigh

You know that the most miserable prison in the world is the prison one makes for themself. How do they? They do it by refusing to receive and then show free mercy. But.. "When a Christian receives and shows mercy, he experiences liberation." — Warren Wiersbe"

Don't ya love liberation? Don't ya just love it when ..fresh joy shows up the next morning (Ps. 30:5). So glad. Makes me wanna tell someone about this relationship of love!

Through the Lord's mercies we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not. They are new every morning. —Lamentations 3:22-23

Zip, null, nada... 

"Nothing humbles and breaks the heart of a sinner like mercy with love. Souls that converse much with sin and wrath, may be much terrified; but souls that converse much with grace and mercy, will be much humbled." — T. Brooks

"Fight the good fight of faith, and God will give you spiritual mercies." — George Whitefield

Sometimes the struggles and trials of our walk can appear worse at night, larger and uglier than life, but when the sun rises ..taada!.. new refreshment, new mercy, new hope and new plans. We can continue on with joy in Jesus. So together with Him, what will you plan out today? Don't forget to pray and go to a healthy church.  

Lord, I have no idea what will come my way this day, or what’ll come in future, but I feel so grateful for your blessings and for your mercy. Please give me a spirit of grace, of praise, and of thanksgiving for whatever lies ahead. Cuz You’re the head, and I’m your servant.

Go check out the last five songs in Israel’s hymnbook. They are commonly referred to as the Hallelujah Psalms, because each of them (Psalms 146–150) will begin and end with the refrain “Praise the Lord” (Hebrew Hallelujah).

God loves it when His people know Him well and praise Him. We were actually designed and created to praise, worship and serve Him. And Psalm 150 answers three important questions: 

1.) Who should praise God? (vv.1,6).  All humans, for all have been bought at a price.
2.) Why should God be praised? (v.2).  To start with, He died on the cross for each of us and then came out of the tomb alive!
3.) How is He to be praised? (vv.3-5).  In both spirit and in truth for He is a Spirit, 100% with our whole heart.

The psalmist of old calls on “everything that has breath” to all-out-worship this God of the Bible (v.6)—including the creatures on this planet, and the angels off many of which are off this planet up in the heavens (v.1).

What should praise God for? We should praise Him for His mercy and what He has specifically done (“His mighty acts” v.2). Yes, count your blessings one by one. 

We should praise Him for who He is (“His excellent greatness” v.2). We each, with our whole heart, praise the Lord with our voice, with our life, with the accompaniment of all kinds of instruments if we know or can learn how to play, and with our best worshipful dancing (vv.3-6). Yup, “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord” (v.6) for He every day, indeed, is worthy to be praised. 

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