Friday, March 21, 2014

Your prayers of faith will bring a change right where change needs to happen.

Your life matters and has a purpose ..even when it doesn't seem like it opt for faith and order instead of chaos and doubts regarding God's holy character.  

Your story of faith is W A Y important—wanna hear it! How has your relationship with God through Christ made a difference?   

Your dreams count..... unless they're from spicy hot dogs and pizza. Your walk of faith all tight with the Lord really REALLY counts. Why let your changing feelings, impressions, untested dreams, or feelings direct your life? 

Your voice matters—lift it up " a trumpet" (Isa. 58.1), and don't be tearin' people down or trash-talkin'.  

You were born to make a significant impact, so be devoted to the God of the Bible.. on His terms ..rather than on your own terms! The people of this world, who don't yet know the joy of salvation, radically need the simple Gospel that you have to offer them. 

Faith and faith-confessions from the Bible-belt area simply don't deliver miracles; God does that in response to biblical faith. We focus and live all-out for Him rather than for them..but miracles from Him ain't bad. Yes, the moment you talk to God about the needs of people around you; this could literally set His angels and bona fide miracles into motion. But remember that the greatest miracle the Lord pulls off is regenerating a dead human spirit when they turn to and trust in Jesus.

Think about those Egyptian magicians back in Mo's day. They could only mimic three of God’s miracles that came through Moses—staffs turned into serpents (Ex. 7:11), water turned to blood (7:22), and the frog plague (8:7).

Unable to mimic the remaining plagues (8:16–11:10), the magicians came up short and acknowledged that those were from “the finger of God” (8:19). The enemy still wants worship (really illegitimately craves it) and to distract people, so he still mimics God and disguises himself. He “masquerades as”, “dressing up as a beautiful angel of light” (2 Cor. 11:14-15 msg)—he’s such a poser. 

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