Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Who among us will even think about bein' problematic for em if we are busy prayin' for our pastors?

Let's pray for our pastor friends and other para-church ministers that we know.

The lack of a clear vision so to speak.. with our church leadership will lead em to settling for whatever happens. Lame! Why let feelings or random impressions from who knows where.. lead you? But clearly hearing from the Lord according to His Word ..for His specific direction.. and then collectively staying true to Him and that vision ..I mean from the top of your leadership grid down; man, that will indeed allow us see God make things happen for the good and His best in our communities.

Ask that God will help them each take the time for prayer and study in the Bible (very important) so that God's truth is illuminated to em and doesn't come off as dry, dead, fruitless, or even seem mundane. God's Spirit can easily handle that.

Ask that God will continue to use them to plant, water and harvest seeds of truth from Him - you know how people still need Jesus far more than religion, local churches, and man's organizations. Ask in faith that they will enjoy God's mighty power daily, His holy passion inside, and abundant provision for the work.. no matter the circumstances they are facing.

Ask that they will hear from the Lord and have some spiritual backbone to keep living and telling the truth regardless of the opposition and outcome. 

Ask God to give them His kind of boldness in their hearts and minds..His wisdom to apply, His compassion for the last, the least and the lost... supernatural His strength, and great confidence even when they might feel uber-peopled-out around groups, chronics who refuse to apply the Word and around crowds that often pull on his sleeve and his schedule. "our adequacy is from God" (2 Corinthians 3:5).  

Not too hard for Jesus. I just figure their faithful leading and Bible feeding of God's sheep sure ain't for wimps at all, and our mighty Lord can indeed give them all the courage that they need today.. yes, them and you, all that we need. Q. Do you merely say your prayers (not pickin' on anyone here..) or do you pray and connect cuz you know Jesus in a personal kinda way? You can hit like at facebook.com/shareJesus 

"Without a vision the people perish and then they simply go to a different perish." ~ Rick Warren

"Before we can pray 'Thy Kingdom come,' we must be willing to pray, 'My kingdom go..'" ~ Alan Redpath
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