Wednesday, March 26, 2014

If you lack a vision it doesn't have to be like that forever.

“And the Lord answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.” ~ Hab. 2:2

Who do you hangout with the most? What are they like and who is your closest friend? 

What do your close friends live for? Do they each have a good vision? What are they doing with it? 

If you lack vision so to speak, then look up first..yeah, with the right address the Father in the Name of Jesus. 

Look to the one who gives em out. 

Then look around and then inside of yourself (I know that sounds kinda New Age, but I'm primarily talking to reborn Christ-followers here. If you are not yet one, you can become one now for Jesus Christ is the greatest gift. Who or what better could you have in your vision?). 

Draw on your natural giftings, talents, and non-sinful-desires. 

Yes, look to your Lord and your calling, believer. Got one with real lucidity that addresses practical needs? Is it really crystal clear yet? 

If you don't think you have one yet, if you don’t sense a vision of your own, then please consider hooking up with the top Leader and leaders whose good vision resonates with you. Become a partner with em if you will. 

That’s what Walt Disney’s brother, Roy, did. He was a good businessman and leader who could make things happen, but Walt provided the vision. It was an earthly vision rather than a spiritual one, but it was a goal. And together, they made a team and together they made a dream come true. As a kid I always enjoyed going to their dream spot in SoCal with my family. Fun place. 

Now what if you partnered with a spiritual believer with a ministry vision that helped people better serve here and also helped people into heaven? Wouldn't that be so great?

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