Sunday, February 23, 2014

They're tellin' me Easter is just around the corner. Have you yet applied the benefits of the Cross?

The truest measure of God’s love is that He loves without measure! —Bernard of Clairvaux

I just love the Cross. Here in the South, I can look around and see a cross sticking up everywhere. It used to be just a cold symbol of stiff .."Hey Kurt, Heads up, pay attention and be still young man".. kinda churchyness to me, but not any more. Three words loud and clear are what I hear from the cross—“I love you” (see John 19)!!! There Christ allowed strangers there to put that crown of thorns in His brow and head, to mock Him, to repeatedly strike Him, to strip Him, and to brutally crucify Him (vv.1-6). You know He always had the power to stop em, but at the cross He said very little (v.11). Jesus did it all for love’s sake.. to fully pay for our sins and to rescue us from punishment. He cares about you and your friends today. 

On the calandar it's startin' to get closer to the time of His Resurrection day (O yes, He is risen, well, and very much ALIVE) so we're starting to see more "religious" broadcasting and movies advertised (Hollywood must know there's some serious money to be made, and that a large part of the population here are still very intrigued with the meaning of the Cross. I'm glad when they get people thinkin' about it all, but it's always so interesting to see em put sentences in His mouth that He actually never said..). Just remember that underneath everything that really happened there at Calvary.. God's love for all was on display.

He, bearing His cross, went out to a place called the Place of a Skull,.. where they crucified Him. —John 19:17-18

Decide today.. even now for you personally ...not to allow Christ's loving substitutionary death on that cruel Cross... to be in vain. Q: What's involved with that, Kurt? A: Turnin' (away from all that the Bible defines as sin) and trusting (Christ to regenerate and lead you). Sure, go for it now. Stop n talk to Him 'bout it, and then just receive God's free forgiveness. #ArtByJoanDorrill
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