Saturday, November 23, 2013

In the middle of the press, stress, and mess.. you can either worry or worship. You can either tremble and tribulate or give thanks to God who always triumphs. Hey, go with the later cuz it's always time for Thanksgiving and Jesus is so worthy!

Thanksgiving is now upon us, so it is time to get bombarded by Christmas. It's time we all will experience all that our western Christmas commercial extravaganza can afford! In fact it seems like this has been happening since late July huh. 

Personally, I'm not down on stopping so much. I'm really not and many people like to do this in order to reflect upon the birth of Christ their own way (okay with me, though pausing to pray and/or listen as God encourages us to do ..instead of probably doin all this reflecting stuff while on the run through a mall could be a slightly better way to. Sure He's more imporant, His Word counts, and He still the reason for this season). 

It's just kind of interesting to's very interesting to me how our western uber-commercialized culture has pretty much been hijacked now. Halloween and Christmas (top money makers) have now become so big and seemed to have shoved all the other holidays aside. Think about it, some of our less celebrated holidays really aren't bad. 

I love the smaller holiday "Thanksgiving" a whole lot and I think it's better than some. Why? Well, it's because Thanksgiving has remained fairly untouched so far. 

Okay, not completely.. cuz afterwards is "Black Friday," and that is a ginormous shopping day right. Should selling and shopping (even for healthcare) be prioritized over all other activities during this season? 

What are the people of our culture starting to do ..with consumers in mind...more and more these days? They are starting to open up their stores really, Really REALY EARLY on Thanksgiving Day. It's for us.  

"Retailers have basically ruined every holiday.. They have commercialized every single holiday by creating a good reason to promote something and drive traffic." ~ Marshal Cohen, retail research consultant at NPD Group

Christian, please don't lose sight of God during the holidays.. especially at Thanksgiving time. At this time when we are hearing Peace, Peace, when our economy is still in the trashcan, and when Israel (our closest Ally) stands to defend itself all this time when Iran, who doesn't even see them as even humans that need to live, keeps on building their nuclear weapons, let's still give thanks to a peace-loving God even ahead of giving thanks to all those other persons that really deserve to hear "thanks from you." He deserves it and your worship far more!  

Kurt, think of this too.. sometimes it even seems like our great nation has been hijacked away as well. Now we live in a land of redistribution. So what in the world do we have left here to be thankful for? We still have a lot to keep thanking God for. Got food and clothing? 

Yes we do. Therefore I want to gently challenge you to keep praying and keep on thanking God no matter what. Prayer can help our country, neighbors, and families. I never want to discourage you away from this or away from the Lord. We need Christ more than ever. I don't want to be gruff, cavalier, harsh, or at all insensitive because many bard things have happened to so many people. I don't know about your Land, but over five million people in my Land right now as I type this have lost their non-substandard health insurance and their doctors ..that they never wanted to lose. And now in addition to all that, I hear that at least 80 million people here in the USA could lose their employer insurance coverage.- that they also really liked and never wanted lose. Shocker! But loss hurts - choices are starting to hit lots of people right in the pocketbook and it's time for the Holidays. .  

Hey, if you like your Salvation you can keep your Salvation. PERIOD. Sure you can! Wait Kurt, you're just talking cryptically and political now and that's not allowed! Not so much, I am for all no matter the label - listen to my heart. I'm talking about how easy it is for any of us to become gullible or disillusioned and then disappointed, or even lose hope. Don't lose or missplace your hope - real hope is to be had. We have a living Hope that we can be so thankful for! Families have so much stress now, some I know of have already opted out perminently. Don't do that. Have the right God and your eyes glued on Him. You know that both sides here (conservative Repubs or left leaning Dems - God loves and is for all people - He wants us to obey and be blessed) or any side in any nation politically and in other arenas can and already have repeatedly been let down hard, but we can give thanks during this season or in any season because our God never will. He will never ever lie to us even when people and leaders from different persuasions keep doing that. We've each got to place our full trust in the trustworthy One - in the Lord, and not in any flawed man. I thank you Lord for not deceiving us even one time, or leading us astray one time. Period. You are so faithful. Please touch and minister to the one reading this - please provide for them. Let them not be afraid or ashamed for You are so able and greater than all the rest. Help us each to learn from this situation we face and not be foolish, uninformed or gulible to the hurt of others! In Jesus' Name. Thanks. Amen.

And let me ask you this question? Would your close friends say that you look like you've missed a whole lot of meals or like you've been out shivering in the cold a long time? My point? Because of God's mercies we are not consumed. We all still have a lot to be thankful for no matter where we live. God is with us, He loves us, He hears our prayers, His timing is perfect, and He has a good plan for His kids ..regardless of what their leader's choices or circumstances have been.. in spite of what others have said or done.

"Let us come before him with thanksgiving and extol him with music and song." Psalm 95:2

"Thanksgiving and praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the heavens."Abraham Lincoln

"Let our hearts overflow with thankfulness..." Colossians 2:7

"No matter how good or bad you think life is, wake up each day and be thankful for life. Someone somewhere else is fighting to survive." ~ Phil Robertsone, Duck Dynasty

Things can really get bad..even worse than they have been.. even in your nation (whichever one it is), but why should we forget the Lord who still blesses us and nations..daily? You know how easy it is for money-grubbing false teachers that want to say things to get you to better dig down deep to send them your love offerings. Help us be different, Lord! Make is so we never want to be like that, cuz only You know what's ahead for us. We know one thing for sure, Bible prophecy will be fulfilled it has accurately been happening thus far. In fact, I think this is what we are seeing happen before our very eyes even lately. Are you ready for all that, or do you still need to get ready now? Please don't put it off

He Himself, Jesus Christ, was here and suffered among wicked men and from wicked rulers. He understands exactly what it's like down here and He overcame. Therefore He can overcome through you as well. That's His nature and we can thank God for that as well!  

Yes, perhaps you've been feeling like your nation has been hijacked for bad. I won't doubt that cuz I've seen it happen to a degree. Well giving thanks is still something we are commanded to do again and again as Christians.. not for the mess, or for all the bad things that keep happening, but in it all and in them. We can still call out to God and we can still expect the Lord to intervene. He won't make us all not sin, or not vote dynbkt or even choose foolishly, but He remains wise and still deeply cares for the people around you ..and care about you.  

Not still blessed? Let me ask you this: Would any of your close friends say that you look like you have lost a whole lot of meals (and I know that many are hungry today in some developing offense meant here) and would some say you simply aren't surviving? Would they say that you are somewhat blessed? Perhaps you and I should go ask our friends for real about this. My point? We are still blessed and we can receive God's mercy and grace today. And we can be experiencing His biblical sort of revival and anointed restoration inside, even during these very challenging wacko days with wacko leaders. 

Yes, we still have good reason to thank the Lord for He is still good!

The Bible reminds us to "give thanks unto the Lord, for He is good, and His mercies endure forever" (Psalm 136:1).

"It is easy to be grateful for a bonus; it is character to be grateful for a salary." ~ Jack Hyles

Now, if the Lord ceases to be good ..anywhere.. then I suppose you can cease to give thanks. But since that will never happen, and since He has been good to you in the past, and since Scripture is commanding you and me to give thanks always.. let's not stop thanking, and praising, and all-out worshipping Him. 

Have a very blessed Thanksgiving in Him!

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