Saturday, February 9, 2013

Glad She Asked. Lin Had Some Questions For The Lost Dude In The Bass Pro Hunting Cap.

Lin's a real good listener and she asks excellent questions cuz she likes the surprising stories that follow. Interesting stuff. A silver-haired lady started chucklin' at the Coop cuz she couldn't find her 55 year old husband there. 

A few people looked around to help her. 

When some of the people asked the woman what he looked like, the lady clearly described her husband as the silly one without the arm. 

My wife Liney had already located the guy ..dawning the green camo Bass Pro-Shop hunting cap. Funny conversation followed. 

She carefully asked him how he had lost his arm..."Was it while you were out fishin' somewhere?" And he said "Yes"..which made Lin proceed to ask.."What kind of creature got it?" "Well", the man responded "A long ugly crocodile on the Amazon tore it up" (huh..I thought he'd joke and say a big fat four foot trout.. exaggeration.. but he was tellin' the truth). 

When it happened, he was just thankful to be with another doctor on that river who jumped to his rescue and sewed him up after the crock-attack...and stopped the fisherman from bleeding-out. Literally lost most of his blood that day..and yet they both wereC eighteen hours away from the nearest hospital and town. Took awhile..lots of paddling. There's of course more to the story, but when the two men arrived in town the medical workers were pretty impressed with the wilderness-sew-job. They couldn't believe that this wilde südamerikanische fischer actually lived.. but they still had to remove his limb cuz gangrene had set in. (Me thinks all kinds of fishin' has it's inherent risks, but we're proud of the man cuz he still goes fishing. Nothin' will stop him).    

I say, Keep on fishing no matter what. Lately I've been thinkin' about following the ultimate Fisher (Christ), and going fishin' along with and for Him ..for other people who don't yet know Him. Yeah, it's so good to take part with Him in His Great Commandment and the Great Commission that order. Why? Because... "Jesus called out to them [His followers], 'Come, be my disciples, and I will show you how to fish for people!'"  See Matthew 4:19.

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