Friday, January 18, 2013

Will we believers actually recognize each other in heaven? I believe so. Life goes on much better in a better location.

You remember how with lesser sight Pete recognized Elijah (Luke 9:33). And what about the Rich dude and Lazarus who knew each other while on earth. Plus the Bible seems to show us others as well. 

I don't know what age we'll each appear like then. My guess.. we will all be in our early twenties or late teens before the anabolic reactions are overtaken by the catabolic phase when the dna telomeres in our physical bodies got shorter n shorter with the aging process (how you appeared in those days minus all deformities, zits or infirmities of course) before the catabolic jive and gravity went to work on you (uber-aging, which came about due to the fall of man - thank ya Adam). With regard to our transformed or glorified bodies, we will basically be patterned after the glorified body of our Lord Jesus following His resurrection. Cool huh. Phil 3:21, Luke 16:19-31. Be in Him.

Wenn wir sterben.. erkennen wir einander im Himmel? Doch! 

Ich weiß nicht, wie alt wir alle dann aussehen werden. Meine Vermutung. Wir werden alle in unseren Zwanzigern jahren während der anabolen phase sein ..vor dem katabolen jive (Alterung) gestartet.  

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