Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ever been backslid, no-slid, side-slid, or front-slid?

Not sure if I've ever been side-slid or front-slid per se. I guess I've done this while snow-skiing and surfing before, but I've never done this spiritually. Not fun or good. Going forwards for me never seemed to be about sliding too much. It seemed much more intentional than that. It had to do with discipline in regards to God's gentle lead. God has a part and I have a part and I respond and obey Him.    

I remember how the Apostle Peter backslid right before Christ's crucifixion ..yeah, after he said that he never would ditch Christ. I think that anytime any of us believers sin, it's showing that we can be hypocritical to some degree. Christ has never been that way and won't be. It was a very sad time for Peter when he denied Christ three times. He trusted himself too much before and while he was warming himself at the fires of the world. Yup, Peter had followed at a distance. Are you currently doing that? 

Believer, the moment that we quit moving forward spiritually is the moment that we begin to go backwards. Don't do it

Backsliding can be a process that deals with neglect in prayer, pride, compromise or perhaps self-confidence. Did you know that prayerlessness is a sin.

I know for me prayerfully living in the pages of the read and try to do what it says in a non-religious kinda Way..really helps me hate sin and love God more.   

When you spend too much time hanging out with the wrong crowd doing the wrong things, they can pull you down. Be a witness for sure. Represent Christ in public with His love, but don't let them pull you down spiritually. Bad company corrupts good morals. This is the most basic stuff, but I love to be reminded of it.  

Why do people fall away from a close relationship with Christ? Is there a way back into right standing with Him if you have done that? Sure and just like when you met Jesus, it starts with repentance and faith.

When you blow it, get back up again. Get up more time than you fall down, and learn how not to stumble again – Christ will teach you.

Feel like bailing out at times, hiding away from the shame and all? I've been there. We all sin though we try hard to avoid it, but we can have a new start and learn from it all. We can receive power from the Holy Spirit to overcome sin, Satan and our fleshly nature that tells us to do what it tells us to do. Hey, need some fresh hope today? I love what the psalmist wrote, "You are my hiding place and my shield; I hope in Your Word" (Psalm 119:114).

The Lord was so gracious to restore and strengthen Pete and that's what I want Hm to do for you as well. I want to encourage you in the basics today. Please start with prayer, and then read for a bit in the Bible, and then seek out fellowship with growing Christians who are spiritual rather than carnal or worldly. And then… when you are on-fire and solid in your walk with Christ again..guess what. You will naturally desire to help others who are hurting, depressed, disappointed, and who have backslid or who have never even met the Word of God.

"Christianity is Christ plus nothing!" ~ Leonard Ravenhill

"For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast." 2|9eph.

P.S. Have you never backslidden before because you've never front-slidden? Have you ever repented (I mean hung a 160 degree turn away from all sin to God..), or trusted Christ by faith in a personal way? God wants you to Believe in His Son, Jesus Christ. So talk it through with Him  today asking for free forgiveness and to be born again spiritually (according to John 3 in the Bible). This is rad-important for you. Nothing is more important.   
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