Tuesday, October 2, 2012

..way W-A-Y fond of ya fisher.

Have you paused from facebook for some face-time with the Lord today? Will you go talk with and listen to His Word? He'd dig hangin' out with you ..yes today ..and non-stop. 
He really loves you. Can that be repeated too much? Naww. He loves all fishers and those they fish for. Yup, Someone BIG cares about you… always has, always will.. with HUGE AGAPE.. n it ain't ever gunna change. Someone cares about them as well. 
He is there for you, does want to hear from you..heart to heart. Wants to hear about all that's going on and all about your loved ones too. He sees what ya do (not like watchin' you in some creepy sorta way - but you are His interest), He knows what you think n really cares. You know that His love is very sincere. Won't ever ditch ya - He'll stick by your side, believer. So be encouraged today cuz that's a promise that you can count on.

"Greater love has no one..." God loves you just the way you are ..right now, and He refuses to leave you that way. He has ideas you'd like and He can transform you. He'll remake us ..cuz He wants us to be just like Jesus in this world that's lost it's hope. facebook.com/shareJesus
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