Friday, October 5, 2012

What are you content to live without... or live with?

Today is a new day—a day of change (maybe you've heard that before, well it is), a day of pure worship, a day of productivity, and a day of harvest. Have ya been out all night fishin' and caught nothing? I've been there. Today is a new day with new directives so how expectant are you? Yes, me thinks that today is as good a day as any for Christ's Church to be refilled, reequipped, redirected, and refreshed in His Spirit. What to see His power do the job as you joyously evangelize? Do you have a thirst.. a hunger today for His righteousness? 

Today can be a day of real revival, unlike anything that we've seen on hyped-out Christian TV that is bearing the same name. We need to first want it, to ask for it, to believe for it.. because God sure ain't going to force any of His good gifts upon us. Distractions of course abound as thousands of messages are flying at us today, but today can none-the-less be a day where you are spiritually revived under the Lordship of Christ as you pray. 

Have you prayed and asked before? Do it again. Have you already sought God wanting the best for your family, neighborhood, and community? Seek Him some more. Love Him and want Him more than anything. Today is too early to quit trusting Him. He is working and hasn't forgot about His timing for everything planned. And He hasn't forgotten about you.

Today can be the kind of day where we turn, where we pause, where we get still, listen, and plead.. where we specifically appeal, where we appropriate! It can be a day where we simply break away from that hyper-focus upon self and other interesting idols... a day where we in faith turn our sight once again upon the Bible Jesus - the most lovely Person in all of the Universe. Have you tried unsuccessfully to change yourself, your city, or your nation? He can do it.   

"Turn away my eyes from looking at worthless things, and revive me in Your way." 119:37psalm

"If our Message lacks 'the power of God unto salvation,' dare we call it the Gospel?" ~ Leonard Ravenhill

Today is a day for authentic revival. Today is a day for fishing - directed fishing. 

Some of the main reasons why we in the West do not have revival in our Christian experience is that we in the church are content to give out a gospel minus 'repentance'. We love pleasure more, we reject relying upon Jesus as Lord and instead we look to Government, credit, and others to be our provider-gods. We refuse to make fervent prayer a top priority daily, and we are simply content to live without it.

Are we exalting Jesus or something else? God's Word has power to transform people, but our human opinions don't. 

This is a day for church leaders and followers to feel sorry about majoring on the minors and minoring upon the majors... or leaving them out completely. Have we made non-essentials, essential or done the opposite? Are we living holy lives as we talk about the Holy Trinity? If not, it's a real good day to feel sorry about it..sorry enough to change. It's a day where we can simply ask for God's forgiveness again. This is a day for judgment of self as well as for reaching out to Christ. Prayer: God, me thinks that You want Your Church to experience biblical revival more than we want it for ourselves. In Christ's Name - for His glory and great purpose - please change all that startin' with me and us. Work in us, among us, and through us. The world is waiting in the darkness and no political or religious leader can help them out of it. Send your kind of revival upon us today. "Will You not revive us again, that Your people may rejoice in You?" 85|6ps.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

..way W-A-Y fond of ya fisher.

Have you paused from facebook for some face-time with the Lord today? Will you go talk with and listen to His Word? He'd dig hangin' out with you ..yes today ..and non-stop. 
He really loves you. Can that be repeated too much? Naww. He loves all fishers and those they fish for. Yup, Someone BIG cares about you… always has, always will.. with HUGE AGAPE.. n it ain't ever gunna change. Someone cares about them as well. 
He is there for you, does want to hear from you..heart to heart. Wants to hear about all that's going on and all about your loved ones too. He sees what ya do (not like watchin' you in some creepy sorta way - but you are His interest), He knows what you think n really cares. You know that His love is very sincere. Won't ever ditch ya - He'll stick by your side, believer. So be encouraged today cuz that's a promise that you can count on.

"Greater love has no one..." God loves you just the way you are ..right now, and He refuses to leave you that way. He has ideas you'd like and He can transform you. He'll remake us ..cuz He wants us to be just like Jesus in this world that's lost it's hope.