Monday, June 11, 2012

Before the Lord I like to ask myself...

What does God want them to know and clearly understand from the Bible today? What does God want them to do.. and stop doing (you know, that's hurting them, the Church or others)? Will the Message that God led me to prepare point people to Jesus Christ ..or to me ..or to some hero of mine? Let it point to the former - Christ.   

Ask what that great fisher of men, Paul, asked God: "Lord, what do You want me to do?" (Acts 9:6). Ask, "Lord, specifically how do you want me to bait the hook and draw in the net or line?"   

Use clean bait if you will - no compromise. Simply preach and teach the Word of God for decisions. Expect people to respond as you give them an opportunity to come to Jesus. 

Good questions can help you keep the main thing the main thing. 

Here are three good e-questions to ask yourself about that EVANGELISTIC Bible Message that you just prepared: 

1) Does it enthusiastically EXALT the Lord Jesus? 

2) Will the text be adequately EXPLAINED with an emphasis on practical application that glorifies the Lord? 

3) Will the simple Gospel be zealously EXTENDED in love?

Yeah, if it's truly a Bible Message - biblical and all - it will do these three things. It's sad that so many sermons in churches and outside of churches these days fail to exalt Jesus Christ. In some so called ecclesiastical circles today the New Testament Gospel has actually been subtly replaced by a New Trendy gospel. It's a bad idea to say the least. 

The New Testament Gospel emphasizes repentance, faith, and self denial; The New Trendy gospel emphasizes self fulfillment. It's a bad focus to say the least. 

The New Testament Gospel is centered in Christ Jesus and His Bible plan of redemption; the New Trendy gospel is centered in man and his need for fulfillment. It's a non-fulfilling fulfillment if it's found outside of Jesus. Let's all stick with the Bible Gospel. Perhaps you need to be forgiven and born again?

Of all the many ways we can prepare for harvesting in any country, by far the most vital is in fervent prayer.

"The one who would have real success in bringing others to Christ must himself be a thoroughly converted person." ~ R.A. Torrey

"How we live serves as a foundation for evangelism, not as a substitute." ~ Douglas Cecil

Two Important Reminders: 

1) Let's make sure that our personal non-public and public lives are a bright and clear reflection of everything that God wants us to preach and teach from the pulpit ..or out on the streets if you will. We'll never be perfect like Christ is this side of glory, but let's get the speck out of our own eyes before we seek to be used of God to remove logs from other people's faces. You know that's right.   

2) If you'd like to get involved in one-on-one fishing or need more help in the area of evangelism Greg Laurie's Harvest America is an excellent outreach to start with. Already 869 local churches (you can see this number keeps on growing weekly..) have signed up and we rejoice with them all. Pastor, church leader, leader.. ask God if He would have you offer to become a host location. Local pastors, fishers of men and of women, church leaders of every sort here in the South - they are signing up now to get involved with a fantastic nation-wide evangelism opportunity right here among us (just click the link). What's that link about? Well, it ain't about me at all. It is basically another good site for people like you to ask practical questions, to receive prayer, and to get more coaching and info about Harvest America that will happen on August 26th this year.  
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