Saturday, April 28, 2012

Who doesn't love hearin' some skilled Christian bands..

..but doesn't it kinda seem like many cool music groups and drama efforts, et cetera, et cetera.. are tryin' so very hard to successfully cross over into present day culture to be a success, and yet are failing by forgetting to bring the cross over? Makes me think about my own motives and priorities.. and how I am doing. No time for a hard heart, a miss-focus, a wrong spirit, or selfish ambition. Fortunately, there are still some doing a great job minus the mixed motives, who are unashamed in telling people about Jesus, His bloodshed on the wood, yeah.. what He has and can do for people.. about sin, hell and future judgement. It's good for us who bear His Name to stop and examine ourselves from time to time. Who really wants to see their works for Christ done on earth ..burn up into a lame ash-heap when this really doesn have to happen? How cross-eyed are you and how unashamed are you of that Message you export? Having been raised in a traditional church, I thought I was already a Chrsitian by default and for years never heard the Gospel straight or got an opportunity to repent until age 18 in a small home Bible study. That's too many years for youth of today - don't want em waiting that long.  


There are still so many "prosperity preachers" around (even though many have tried to tweak their money-grubbing ploy). There're also many "feel-good-preachers" today ..who desire to become more popular to the point of making a better living instead of becoming a so called Jesus Freak..... so they refuse to ever share about sin, the cross, the blood of Jesus, His coming day of accountability, that real place called hell, and the Great White throne Judgement. 

They don't want to provide any sort of altar call (I mean straightforward opportunity for peeps to turn and trust Christ. I don't mean it has to happen so traditional putting God in a box.. ie, come up front to shake the preacher's hand and then fill out a card. Could happen in the Foyer or in a tent outside perhaps. But everyone who Christ called, He called openly and publicly). They'd rather be more acceptable to to the world and only share some true or nice sounding quotes that make people feel better.. "nice sayings" that perhaps help people get through their day better or just feeling better.. though totally lost. 

Nothing at all wrong with cultivating a good attitude, but a witness or an evangelist type is called to witness clearly and to evangelize. We hear the irreligious talk of their disdain for so called "Hell-fire and brimstone preachers" but many have never heard one. When was the last time that you have heard one? I sure haven't lately. Perhaps there have been a few in the past who did that kinda thing with a wrong spirit inside. Dunno, but I do think the pendulum has swung far in the opposite direction. Personally I want to hear more biblical teaching on hell and heaven. Don't you?      

You know how Jesus spoke more about hell than any of the other preachers or prophets in the Bible. He gave individuals a chance to change, repent and believe. He is our Savior and ultimate Example. And His warning to people was always given in love, not to condemn people. He never rejoiced that so many were headed in the wrong direction. He dealt with the most serious problem they had ..of sin. Sure if you or I were to see a house literally on fire on our block, with kids playing inside not knowing what was happening.. wouldn't it be most loving to go and immediately tell them and help each one of them get out of the danger zone inside?   

"We must throw off the clever strategies of modern evangelism, and face the world with open Bibles and the Gospel of Christ crucified and raised." ~ Paul Washer

Paul said.. For I determined not to know anything among you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified. 2/2onecor.
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