Wednesday, April 4, 2012

If ya feel like...

..or think that there is no one out there who gives a flip enough to be praying for you during this time of your life..or enough to just cheer you on in righteous living, then please think again. There is Jesus Christ. 

He is so there for you. He is always there to listen, to understand, to comfort, to encourage, and to pray for you. We believe that so we all just need to act like that huh. Are you taking time away from it all for the Word of God? Are you still seeking and pleading before Him in Jesus Name?

This is no time for any idols of any kind to steal your heart and affections away from the Lord. "Jealous is His Name" (See Ex. 34:14). 

I was listening to a famous TV talk-show host tell how they didn't like that Bible statement... no how they really hated it, so what did this person do? She simply opted not to follow Christ, to go to church, or to be close to God at all..... but please don't do like that person did either publicly or privately. Just ask yourself this. Would you really want your God to love you so very little that He never ever cared if you went out and dated other gods? 

Was your spouse like that when you started dating each other? Is he or she like that now? I don't think so.  

Inside is it like you really desire to be strong in the Lord and to live pleasing to Him, but lately time in prayer and or in witnessing of your faith seems like a total waste of time... because you only seem to get a "No" response from God and those who hear you? I have been there before and couldn't make myself strong no matter how many churchy formulas I knew, but I want to encourage you - Jesus love you deeply, it there with you, and He is praying for you today. 

"Therefore He is also able to save to the uttermost those who come to God through Him, since He always lives to make intercession for them."  7/25Heb.Nkjv 

Do you need more Bible-based Christ-centered fellowship with really upbeat, fresh-thinking believers who are serious about maturing and walk in victory? Is it really hard to get enough fellowship alone with God or with the Body of Christ due to your ever changing work schedule? Don't give up. Keep praying. Keep appealing to your authorities, Keep looking. Don't stop looking until you relocate or find a small Bible study prayer group where you fit in. 

Listen, your life depends upon it. Think for a minute about your family who needs you.. who needs you way strong in the faith. They are worth fighting for. Don't give in to that passive ..drifting away after temporal things instead of after eternal things in Christ. This is really no time to backslide spiritually off into a some empty, lonely, worldly existence or into some lame carnally-minded pursuit of pleasure. 

We don't want you out of place or disjointed in the wrong place. God can guide you - keep moving forward with Him. Keep calling out to Him and He will indeed refresh you, Christian. And if you are not yet sure that you are a born again believer.. if you are lacking an assurance of your personal salvation then the Lord can easily fix that as well. Just don't put it off until tomorrow. 

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