Thursday, January 5, 2012

Q. When ya think about the love of Christ does your mind quickly run to the Gospel of John.. know.. to chapter three verse sixteen, or does it also run on over to chapter eleven verse six where Jesus just kept hangin' out for two more days in the same place ..subsequently allowing His dear friend Lazarus to die?
You know, it seems that we still hear so much from preachers today about how God's love means that you will always be suffering-free, believer, and financially wealthy and totally free from difficulties when God favor is there and He loves you. I've even heard some say that there will be no battle against the fleshly nature.
Is that really so? And what about trials and physical death for believers? I was just with a very Godly man who had cancer, but he wasn't without faith and he was pleasing to God. He witnesses tactfully to a lot hurting people in the Cancer section of a hospital in Irvine California. The doctors are trying out a lot of different "cancer cocktails" on him to try and fix him. They don't know if my friend will make it though, but he asserts that God is still really good and loving. God knows what will happen and I'm praying. 
How did it go for Laz in that hole? Was God ultimately glorified in that situation? Does God still get blamed for hard things happening to decent people? Sure.
Wouldn't you say that both of the Bible verses I was telling you about are equally "loving"" I would say they're are both loving verses.
Yeah, just like chapter three verse three is loving in that same book (John). In fact I would say that every verse in God's love Letter to man (the Bible) is a verse dealing with God's kind of selfless charity and soul-saving passion. God is love. God proved His love while hurting on a lonely cross.
Do you need to experience God's love firsthand? Have you applied the benefits of the cross to your particular situation? Are ya walkin' in Christ and His love today? Please check yourself out to be sure. Perhaps you are currently livin' in what appears to be ..or feels like.. an "unloving chapter" of your life, believer. So sorry for that. Been there.. it seemed. Would be glad to pray for you. Please know that God and His great love for you have not changed even a little bit even if you witness a laz-experience.   
God showed me His love personally when I simply turned and prayed about this verse from John.. "Jesus replied, 'I tell you the truth, unless you are born again, you cannot see the Kingdom of God.'" Jn. 3:3, nlt
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