Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Prayin' for my former pastor, Chuck Smith Sr, and his wonderful church family today.

Perhaps like me, you heard yesterday how he is battling lung cancer now and many people are very concerned for him. 

The doctors recently discovered it. Chuck is one brave soldier, an anointed, kind and loving man of God. He was in the hospital today for some testing. Grace Lord for Chuck please. Continue to give him victory as he serves you faithfully. 

Chuck is still plannin' to go pray for people and be answering call-in Bible questions again on his Pastor's Perspective radio program Wednesday as he so often does.. as well as go teach through another chapter of the Bible at the great church that he leads in Costa Mesa on Wednesday night.. as well as go do an in-depth interview with his son in the faith, Greg, in the O.C. in Southern California on Thursday night. 

I pray that God will touch Chuck's body, comfort him, guide him with His eye, and just minister powerfully to Chuck as only our dear God can do... and also that the Lord will strongly help Chuck all the way through this whole ordeal. Please join me. Thank you! kurt
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