Monday, January 2, 2012

I’d say.. Student, get ready now and go tell now ..while you are young. Make your life really count.

"He has delivered us from the power of darkness and conveyed us into the Kingdom of the Son of His love." ~ Paul, Colossians 1:13

If Jesus can do it for us, then He can still do it through us for others. Do you need to be delivered and rescued today? Most of our colleges and even this society-gone-astray ..that we live in here.. they just don't have the answers for all the problems that we as a people are facing in this country. You know it's true. Washington doesn't have em either and money can't buy us out of these problems. I was recently in California and I heard a businessman tell me that "A Master's degree along with a quarter could just about buy a person a hot cup of cheap coffee these days." What's sad is that colleges, most media outlets, and society as a whole want viable answers ..but all ironically seem to be doing everything they can to tear down, to undermine, to mock and hinder the only One who is the Answer - the One who can help us out in this nation. That's Jesus Christ, the Answer we all need most.

Hey, I'm no pessimist though. What a privilege it still is for us Christians to be calling people to faith in Jesus Christ. Society doesn't have the answers, but we know the Answer.

Once our Lord ran into two blokes whose lives had been controlled and ruined by Mr Lu-Cifer and his buds (Satan and some other fallen angels). Who could help em? Society didn't have any answers for em. Enter the Lord Jesus Christ into the situation.

And what did Jesus proceed to do about it? Well, Christ sought em out where they were. He appropriately addressed the problem. They were hangin' out in a lonely graveyard and He offered them some hope.

Sure, go check it out in it's context. Yeah, in Luke's account of this narrative God explains what happened with one of the men who was delivered in this way: "Then they went out to see what had happened, and came to Jesus, and found the man from whom the demons had departed, sitting at the feet of Jesus, clothed and in his right mind. And they were afraid" (Lk. 8:35).

Afraid? They had no reason for this. Why were they scared when God has never been about fear ..ever? Well, the people didn't quite know what to make of it all. This man was so transformed.. it just freaked the onlookers out the max. They couldn't begin to grasp it. How could a dude this jacked up, this messed up and whacked spiritually… how could this same man be changed in such a rad-way, yeah, totally delivered? How?

God's Word still does this. When Christ transforms someone like He did with this guy back then.. when Christ saves a person today, you know, and as you faithfully witness by your holy life, by your good attitude, and by good works done motivated by God's love, then other people standing near you might not be able to handle in our day as well. Are you ready for that to happen? Get ready. It's exciting! They might not ever get it - the onlookers - but you will suddenly realize inside that it was the power of God that did it.. that He changed another valuable life right before your eyes! He doesn't do a greater miracle. That is what God can do through young or old believers who are willing to go as He sends em. Christ hasn't changed a bit. Are you willing? Seein' it happen even one time will make you want to go tell as many young people as you can about this truth.

So what would I say to a Christian college student who wanted to prepare well in advance for this stuff…

I've actually been asked about this before and did respond. What would I tell em.. tell the young man or woman in school today who wants to become involved in "the Solution" to this major societal problem (I mean how sin is takin' our nation downwards).. yes, what would I say to the one longing to get involved in biblical, face-to-face world-changing, as well as in some online personal ministry which is much needed?

I'd probably say seek the Lord wholeheartedly today and go get with lost people where they are. Listen. Answer questions they are asking. So many are online in social networks here in the West and it's getting more and more that way, even in your TVs. I'd say pray daily according to God's Word and His leading, asking for a harvest and also for some like-minded labors who can be active with you in this Cause. I'd say, Sure, learn to use current technological tools as the Spirit leads you, ones that can help send God's Message out farther.. cuz peeps why far away are listening

I'd tell em to make excellent moral choices along the way, yeah, and make some sound (close) friends too.. ones that are bonafide committed believers. I'd say allow God to give you wisdom, knowledge, discernment and a good name in your local church and community staying humble, honest, sincere, and diligent in service. Hey, in the church - that's a good place to start huh.

I'd say, be anointed for real, be in-love with your first-Love. Be Word-full, prayed-up, and up to the brim with faith too. Serve where you can right now, don't wait until you graduate. Don't get bad grades through neglect, but don't waste your time in the dorm with beer, or worthless violent e-games, or with party-babes.

College person, you are loved. You know how the words "Personal brand building" have become somewhat bad words these days because people can so easily be involved in this kinda pursuit with self-seeking worldly motives. I'd say lay up your treasures in Heaven - seek Him and build His Kingdom first, instead of your own.

But listen, network, network, network.. catch with a net instead of just a pole if you can. It is important to be strong in the Lord first, and then in helping others come to the Lord and also get strong in Christ. You will be a blessing. Decide now to have a pure heart, to guard your heart, to avoid evil and all appearance of evil. Be about your Father's business daily, praising the Lord as you go. Be grateful, be doing things that build up a good reputation too as a smart witness for Jesus. Rep Him with integrity. 

Choose to be awake on multiple levels and do your very best to avoid all polluting factors as you go around on this planet—you don't want to ever compromise just to extend your reach or be tainted. Abide instead of strive. Work hard, but do it God's way, not the world's way.

Do righteous-networking if you will…. for Christ's Cause starting this week not next, but don't allow this stuff to make you a workaholic for God where you don't have any time left over for time with God, or with your family, or for corporate worship or for helping at your church some.

Talk and listen upwards and outwards as you go, as you apply, as you obey Christ.

Sure, networking is fundamental to entrepreneurs and to other business folk, and though some of the principles are different in the Kingdom, it's even more important in ministry to maintain good friendships. Network right! Keep your word. Christianity is about relationships. Yup, it's primarily about knowing God through Christ well and then about making disciples…… and God doesn't have to call you into vocational full-time ministry in order for this type of thing to become important for you. There is indeed value in edifying more than one person with the same amount of effort and the same investment of time as it would take for building up just one person if the Spirit is leading you. One on one is great. But please recognize this and that our time is limited. I love the face-to-face more for eye-contact etc, but it's incredible how excited and edified I personally get when forgetting about self and pouring into others… even via email or snail-mail or in some network.

Do you use Twitter, Facebook, Quora, or Google+ yet? Pray about it, or maybe there is another one.   

In the world, convincing users to try your crazy looking product with some secular company or to perhaps partner with your small or big business—that's a matter of salesmanship and honest relationships if you will. You know this. Now I don't really like to liken the Gospel or the Christian experience to a product, but how will they believe without a preacher? How will they repent and trust Christ if someone doesn't pray, or go and tell them about how awesomely awesome Christ really is? You can preach non-preachy.

I'd say get to know other on-fire classmates and professors while in school, pray for them, start a Bible study prayer meeting with some of em perhaps. But then reach out to smart Christian professionals in other locations where you live, ones who are spiritual as well. Have you ever visited a mission's agency, a church outreach out feeding the homeless ..yes, one that was in progress, or visited a para-church evangelism ministry and then volunteered some time to join with?

Would you be ready today if you ran into a couple demon possessed men? It still happens today.

These are some good ideas, and maybe for you.. ones that will help you feel grateful, be thankful, and also keep ya down to earth. Can't hurt at all really, so cultivate, water, plant and get involved with some strategic seed-sowing endeavors both inside and outside of your campus it now while you can. The years will go by so fast and then you'll be out of there wishing you had done some of these things.

The Holy Spirit can use this stuff to guide you later on too. He traffics in true information and as you study, test it out, gather some feedback, and explore different ways to reach out in your youth, He will perfect you. Build up people early; dare ya! Add real value to em—it's about friendships far more than about putting together an organization for bucks. Do this until you have a strong network of real people that trust you. They are family members for you so to speak, in God's family, and you will have earned the right to be heard by them. They can hold you accountable and support you in times of need as you look to the Lord as your Source.  

And you would enjoy the fellowship with other ordinary people of faith who aren't afraid to roll up their sleeves with you and go to work. That just how it works.

I'd say, seek hard just to edify people rather than be "out on the take" just to get from them, and God will reward you. You want partners to join with that have the same heart-beat. Ask God to give through you to people, and you will start to recognize who they are. Ask God to give you some evangelism opportunities and then go for it. Study now, but don't be all afraid to make a mistake to the point of not trying. Crossing an ocean won't make any non-witnessing Christian a fruitful soul-winner. 

If a personal friend at my church perhaps were to approach me.. you know, one that I felt respect for and they asked me to try out something with em.. something that they were righteously excited about… then I would indeed check my Bible, pray about it for some moments, listen, and perhaps go try it out. Why not?

There just isn't time to try out everyone's idea who emails me, but if it has to do with plundering hell so to speak, and thus populating God's heaven by pointing lost folks to Jesus with His Gospel, why in the world wouldn't I not want to go do it? Can't think of a reason.   

I'd say: Find a wise Christian Mentor if you can; one who is blessed of God, has godly character and holy passion—one who is seeing the right results from his prayerful evangelistic efforts. Try doing the Scriptural principles that they are doing and seeing success with. Man, I feel so glad that I found one while attending a couple Bible colleges.

If you are a nerdy-nerd, or geeky-geek, then I'd say learn to code even if computer science is not your major.. I mean if you have a peace and a desire about trying this. I took as much Bible as I could get in college and don't regret that at all, but I also wish that I had learned to code. If you know the Word and can code, then you can build something Christ-honoring and really edify some feed some sheep online. You can reap too. Preach the Word. Besides, if you later end up hiring others for your start up biz to do this coding, those same engineers will feel some respect for you all the more, when you can speak their language and know what's going on under the hood.
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