Monday, December 5, 2011

So many feel empty, bored, guilty and lonely. Searching?

Did you know that most peeps go online 'for no particular reason' ..but hey.. we believers do have a great reason for going online when the Lord leads us to. Yes, we prayerfully want to be a blessing to others and want to see God use us to meet needs. So many are there wanting to be listened to.. wanting to express themselves.

Of course we want to learn online, discover good ideas, visit with our friends as well, but we also sincerely want to address the questions that people currently have with the Word of God, not old ones from yesteryear that no one is asking today. And we want to do this wisely and help keep people safe online too.. helping em discover the main reason they are here - to worship in Spirit and in truth. We want all people everywhere to find true repentance and a meaningful, lasting relationship with Christ who can same them in the best kinda way. 

We love to challenge their thinking with good questions without compromise, or being tainted or corrupted... you know, with Scriptural thoughts of truth. So many lies have sadly been swallowed by this generation and that's why we are here. We seek to encourage people with truth, to edify em, to boldly point people to the Lord and even win unbelievers to faith in Christ who alone can meet all their needs. We also love any supplement to promote fellowship and church fellowship. Do you pray that God will edify and help disciple His fishers through you?  

Did you know that, "About 53% of young adults ages 18 to 29 go online on any given day for no particular reason except for a diversion or just for fun. About 81% of people in this demographic said they have done so at least occasionally. But it's not just young web users that turn to the Internet during their down time—about 58% of all adults or 74% of online adults said they use the Internet this way, up from 45% of adults who said they did so in a Pew survey conducted in 2006." ~ Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life (CNN). This study—conducted among 2,260 adults ages 18 and over on landlines and cellphones—has a margin of error of 3.7%.

The Bible says, "The liberal soul shall be made fat: and he that watereth shall be watered also himself" (kjv),"Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered" (esv). Most westerners don't ever want to be made fat, but it's so good to be made fat spiritually as long as we keep exercising, properly applying God's Word. Go for it.. I mean go for Him.

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