Saturday, July 23, 2011

Got Faithfulness?

It would seem that faithfulness starts out as an attitude and then goes beyond that.

Sure want it.. so that others can count on me and what I say. How 'bout you? Do you want to be faithful instead of flakey? Sure you do!
Faithfulness has a lot to do with faith, trust, reliability, follow-through and a deep sense of loyalty. Jesus Christ was a faithful witness for the heavenly Father - every day of the week, all the time - and He can make you a faithful witness for the Father's glory. Just ask him to, believer.

Not a believer yet? You can be today!  

Be a faithful friend first. Faithful friends are gifts from God up in heaven. If ya find one, be grateful, and please don't ditch or offend them for you have found a real treasure that is truly treasured by Jesus Christ. ~ kvs 

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