Monday, June 6, 2011

His Hands And His Mouth If You Will

Of course there is a time for being quiet.. in order to listen well, but there is also a time to do otherwise as well. 

Believer, you and I are His hands, we are His Body and His mouth in a sense. What do you think about that? 

How will the ones really needing to be warned, actually be warned ..if Christians fear rejection and fail to warn them? Man, I would want to be warned if it was called for.. for safety's sake. When the warning comes from someone of integrity who has proven themselves to be trustworthy, then I always want to listen. You would too. 

Please open your mouth upwards because prayer can change things—it indeed changes the one who sincerely prays! 

"You who make mention of the Lord, do not keep silent."  ~ Isaiah 62:6 

Don't you yet kinda think that the happenings over in the Mideast these days are signs that we are living in the last days before the Rapture of the Church and the Second Coming of Christ? I think we are closer than ever before. I'm not alone with this. Listen to someone else who has earned the right to be heard: "I believe we are in the latter days of this age, whether it's the last thousand years, last hundred years or last six months I don't know," Franklin Graham told Christianne Amanpour on ABC's ‘This Week.’ "The Bible, the things the Bible predicts -- earthquakes and famines, nation rising against nation -- we see this happening with more frequency and more intensity," he said. Perpetual silence can be real negative these days, but God can give you the right faith, the right words, the right tone and the right attitude that'll bring lasting positive results. Trusting and then obeying Jesus is so important! He has never given us any reason not to trust or obey Him. Be encouraged. At the right time open up ..outwards cuz God can fill your mouth and change people by the power of His Word! Yeah, He likes to change people and He does this from the inside out.
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