Thursday, April 21, 2011

You Hungry Spiritually?

Wanna become hungry? It can happen. Just thinkin' here some. I just love how it is when I get near and hang out with spiritual Christians, those who are spiritually hungry for the things of God.. that's when I myself get hungrier for the Word and the things of God. Not sure how all that happens, it just does. Yes, prayer, Bible reading, fellowship with Jesus and with His Church, along with sharing my faith with outsiders that are, all these things make me real hungry inside spiritually. But neglecting these things makes my spiritual hunger go away.

Jesus said, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled” (Matt. 5:6).

The Christian life is kinda like riding a mountain-bike. You either go forward or you go off. One person said it's like a kid on semi-greasy pole at the park, he's either climbing upwards or sliding back down. So glad we have Help to grow.

P. Lord God, thanks for spiritual friends - Your Church - for inner hunger for closeness with You, and for the Bible! We never wanna be the carnal, worldly, defeated beat-downs, joyless, luke-warm, dim, or cooling off kinda ..distracted believers. Please fill us with Your Spirit anew. If I feel like it or not, I indeed wanna get in Your Word and become more desirous of the things of God, Jesus. Please make us hungry again.
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