Friday, April 22, 2011

Another Prayer..Yup, For America

Believer, would ya join in and pray somethin' like... O Father God, we’ve been so self-satisfied, so “Que Sera, Sera, whatever will be, will be..” Not all, but many of us have stopped fighting when Your church has pretty much been divided and in disaray. We’ve turned aside from You in this Land. We Americans have ignored and ridiculed the time-honored faith and values of our forefathers, yet we feel so smug inside, so progressive, proud and enlightened. It’s wrong!

Please heal, restore, challenge and strengthen your Church in America today, for it has largely become weak, luke-warm, carnal, religious, mean-spirited, non-fervent, and distracted. Let us seek You with earnestness once again!

They say that the spirit of the people of this Land is demoralized, depressed, indebted, dismayed, dejected, broken, cast down, war-weary and hopeless. But we believers firmly decided to follow You into the battle that day when we were born again! We choose to fight the good fight of faith in Your Spirit along side of You. Yes, on our knees so that You would intervene once again. In Your name, we resist the minions of Hell and darkness.. and we refuse to quit, turn back, hide out, give in, live as beat-downs or cave!

Lord, it’s time for You to rebuke the enemy who has robbed us off via deception. Please push back the onslaught of wickedness. There’s been such a breakdown of morals here and we as a Nation have been ripped off over and over again by the enemy. We forgive the people who fail us, but it is time for us to stand up with You and get angry at the evil (never at people)!  

God, You warned us, “Woe to those who call evil good,” but we confess that we’ve done that and now regret it. Restore our spiritual equilibrium and inverted values somehow... anyway You want! We want to be and act like the Church in the Book of Acts. For too long we’ve explained away the authority of the Bible in the name of both tolerance and moral pluralism. How stupid!

We wholeheartedly turn back to You now.

Spirit, draw us strongly! With Your sharpened Word, disturb us ’til we obey without compromise. Kindle now, REKINDLE—ignite us with Your holy fire! Jesus we need You, not this world. Do whatever it takes! We’ve tasted a bit of judgment from past dimness, from lack of discernment, from prayerlessness and our misguided voting, and now we want that no more! But do it again.. You know, what You did before, to inspire.. please don’t ignore. Make haste, Lord. Bring the fire—holy passion for proper action!

Revive so we all can thrive, every Christian.

Hungry nations, politically churning... and cities await Your burning! Send what You want, Your will be done! Please use us. Let Your Church rise up anew! Take away the shame—crown our lives with tongues of flame! We don’t need another day of Pentecost anymore than we need a new Calvary, but we do need Your infilling and enabling, Jesus. Refill the once filled!

We, in unity, call out.. we pray against the vast biblical illiteracy here, but we also thank You for the strong ministers who live the life.. who still bluntly, boldly, unashamedly.. exalt Jesus Christ, and faithfully feed Your people from Your Word. Grateful for em.

Father, we Americans have unfortunately allowed and even supported too many flakey but popular razzel-dazzl, false teachers and other lame leaders ..for way too long.. even within the walls of many church meetings. It’s sad!

Lord, your Body, for the most part is down, depressed, and indebted. Let not Your army stay in disarray. Be our Commander and call us to attention. Give us Your heart and victory over the enemy! Make haste to help us. There is such a derth in this Land, such a lack of passionate ministers, and sound local churches ablaze and winning the lost. Something ought to be said, or better yet.. prayed!

Give keen insight and Your worldview. Protect us from the terrorism, the hateful attacks from within and from without.. and aid us in seeing things clearly. Help us feel acutely ..what you feel for needy people. Help us really hear, for there's no spiritual growth apart from Your Word!

We do humbly confess and turn to You (according to 2 Chronicles 7:14). We are deeply sorry for hurting You with our apathy, complacency, rebellion, waywardness, trouble-making, pleasure-seeking, and tolerance of sin ..and even for the junk that doesn’t come to mind! Stop us short of pedestalizing film stars, singers, athletes, and ministers. 

Many of us Americans feel it’s vogue to call ourselves "spiritual" in Social Media, but we’ve worshipped other gods in the name of multiculturalism—in the name of New Age spirituality. And we seem to gladly watch our top media “heroes” push this old age Eastern trash on the masses ..and then join in applauding em. Have mercy on us though we don't deserve it. Please shut em down by Your Spirit and through lack of support. So often we are known more for the things we speak out against instead of what we are for, so speak through us for Jesus and for what's good.. in holy fear with wisdom as well.  

Forgive us for endorsing, exporting, and enjoying the perversion of Hollywood “entertainment” (pornography, witchcraft, and weirdness). Such sin! Please forgive us of idolatry and once again restore the joy of our salvation. We long for Your presence, peace an purpose.. and need a second chance. Be glorified!

God, You know we've at times failed to encourage ..and failed to discipline our own children. Yes, we have failed to get them in healthy churches while only being concerned about their social and sporting events or their test scores and GPA. We sure love em but have, many of us, at times let them run unsupervised while young and put them first before You, allowing them to actually lead the family ..apart from Your order. Give us proper priorities and motives.

Many of us men have been lazy and others have been the opposite. Some of us have simply been too busy for Jesus.. or for our families. We've failed to be the spiritual priests of the home and have become mere wimpy carnal or nominal followers..apart from following Scripture. We've had leanness of spirit inside due to disinterest and haven’t led em in righteousness. Others of us have failed to work as wisely or zealously as we should have. We seem to love the world and sow to the flesh regularly instead of to the Spirit! Empower us forgo on imediate gradification, live the crucified yet abundant life.. yes, to say no to self.. to abandon mixed sowing while we experience great joy, love, and biblcial faith.. within our means as godly, masculine examples!

God, we and our leaders have blown it in America (so many of us..) by failing to execute justice swiftly like the Bible teaches. Sure, we want this nation to be excellent in every way, but our system of jurisprudence has not been prudent. It's been unjust and whacked to say it plainly. We don’t deal with rapists, pedophiles, thieves, violent offenders, pushers, or murderers justly, but we prematurely let em go free hurt and kill more people, and then say that’s fair. Please invade our Land with strong conviction, Holy Spirit! Teach us to be courageous in battle like You are, Jesus. Uplift our eyes and the smallness of our vision for what you can do worldwide. Nothing is impossible for you Mighty God! Your heart beats for missions. We praise You for Your ways are higher than ours.

So poor in spirit—we don’t hate lying, stealing, or gossiping to the same degree as You do, but now we decide to turn from all this sin. We also turn from polluting with profanity and wrong attitudes ..and from taking Your Holy Name in vain. None of us would want our names used as a curse word or used frivolously?

Forgive us for all selfish ambition, manipulation, self-seeking, unbelief, ingratitude, abuse of power, narcissism, materialism, rank covetousness, and not loving our neighbors in purity. Some of us are guilty of cronyism, nepotism, in taking of bribes and in hidden partiality to the church's hurt. Others of us have lusted, backstabbed, been idiotic verbally, committed fornication, adultery and then called this all normal.. or an affair.

Forgive us for funding the drug cartels in an ongoing way through buying, greed, and drug abuse for personal comfort. Forgive our puffed up leaders for not adaquately protecting those near our boarders, as they pledged to do. Please forgive us in America of the folly and waste with casinos and lotteries—it’s really all Yours, not outs! We’ve neglected the needy and rewarded laziness in the name of compassion for way too long (calling it welfare). Forgive us for killing the unborn in the name of choice—1.3 million a year. What can I even say? It's uber-heinous! We ignore our consciencees and call babies globs of tissue in this Land. It's so serious and wrong, but now we as believer weep with You over this!   

We golf, we surf, we play, we sleep-in and find something else to do when You’ve clearly commanded us not to forsake the fellowship with our brethren at church. Yes, we’ve made Sundays the biggest shopping and entertainment day of the week as we skip meeting together and worshipping You.

As warring Muslims tell us dates of when they will force the Jews into the sea forever, we can (without knowing the exact date) tell the Day of the Lord is approaching. And Your Word says, “Let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works: not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching” (Heb. 10:24-25).  

I say, “Search me, O God, and know my heart; try me, and know my anxieties; and see if there is any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting” as Your Psalmist also prayed (Ps. 139: 23,24, nkjv).

Humbly and respectfully, we ask You to send biblical revival and awakening down here again, Lord. Pour out Your Spirit in these last days. We ask for a move of God that’s legitimate, instead of religious-man-fabricated. Let Your Kingdom come with real power and glory here on earth ..yes, in and through our families even before the Millennium starts. Help us love as You love and plant seeds or reap while we can. We agree together. Do it again.. what You’ve done in the past! We expect You to and never want to hinder You again. Please increase in and through us, Lord—let us each decrease.

God, we also pray that You would give us passionate godly leaders in Washington that have a good vision and a clue. Sure, we’ll vote, but we’re far more concerned with who gets into Your house (the Church) and Heaven than who will get into the White House. For us, knowing King Jesus and spreading His Gospel is our main passion ahead of politics. We know that no politician is the Answer—You are!

God, the situation here is a disaster spiritually and a disaster in others ways as well, but prophecy must be fulfilled and that doesn’t mean we do nothing. Please rescue and redeem. We wanna do our part, not seek to do Your part like we know all the specifics.

You see the gays pushing for marriage, and we Americans have been lied to—we’re told this is simply a good alternative lifestyle and so many professing Christians have even bought into this lie. Many Americans don’t know that alcoholism is not a disease, and that people are not born gay. We call so many sin-habits a disease or "not our fault" because we love the darkness of the world instead of the light. So many in Your Church cling to their pet sins and justify themselves. Please take away the blindness and ignorance. You would not have any of us stay ignorant, but You still love and "are for" all people just the same. You are gracious, merciful and just, and will never wink at sin like it's ok. Thanks for caring so much that You simply hate all that destroys us! 

You’re anti-sin...yes, anti-all-sins, yet not anti-gay-persons ..or anti any person. It's because You aren’t willing that any perish in a real Hell. Glad for that. Lord, many Americans don’t know that the first marriage was not among Adam and Steve, but Adam and Eve they push and accuse believers of intolerance while they call us wrong and intolerant. Also many “straight folk” think it’s normal to move in with each other for sex, then buy a home and have babies long before marriage. It's wrong as well according to the Bible. Please forgive us, thoroughly change, mature, and sanctify us in Jesus Name. Shine through Your Church. Use us to help all kinds of people choose You. Amen!

Thank you, gotta run.  
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