Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Wanna Care Like Jesus Cares... For The Poor On The Streets

If I met Jesus Christ homeless on the streets in Dallas, and He hadn't had a shower in a couple weeks.. would I even look at Him? I hope I would. Would I give Him half of my sandwich or Gatorade ..that I no longer wanted and was about to throw away in the trash can on the street corner? Would I even want to get to know Him or talk with Him ..a little bit? I would like to think I would do something. As a Christian (bearing His Name..) and even before I became a believer, I think that I have been so stinkin' selfish. So many times I just walk past without even praying.

Sure, I've been involved with other believers feeding the homeless before, but it's been awhile now. Why haven't I done much to help them on my own? Do I so lack common sense and courage to approach them or to act on my own? There seems to be so many now - more and more - do their large numbers intimidate me? 

Sure there is a crime-factor with some homeless people..yeah, wherever they seem to go..and also with some white-collar people that you often meet. Many of both groups don't get caught right away. I could always use that to excuse myself, but will that hold water on the day of Judgement? Why don't I pray for homeless people more? Sure some are closed-minded rude rip-off artists, but didn't Jesus die for sinners like them and me? Shouldn't I care, as He cares for me. Yes, I should pray more and then do some things even though I can't do all good things. 

There are 1.1 billion people today who don't have access to clean water. There are 12 to 27 million people who are currently enslaved. That's far more than were involved in the transatlantic slave trade of years gone by. 


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