Monday, February 28, 2011

Find Something Good To "Like" And Affirm Someone

So many people spend their lives on the edge of heavy discouragement, or even on the other side of that ugly line. I sure don't want anyone there for a second, do you?

Life is short and yes, that is really no place for people to be short or long term.

By faith, we can do something about it, and God equips us as well as encourages us to become part of the solution regarding this. Use what He said to help.

Do you already know some Scriptures that specifically address this situation? It's fun to do a study on this and there are many passages available. Please do pray, let the Holy Spirit guide you to some of em, and then look for someone down around you to affirm in the love of Christ today. Hey, you probably won't have to look too far.

"Don't be discouraged, child of God, by what you cannot do; just give the Lord your very best—It's all He asks of you." ~Sper

"She has done what she could." ~Mark 14:8

Speak clean and edifyingly (new word here..) and build up the believers until they are strong and telling others from a sense of powerful joy! Live clean - they need you to every day!

Remember the words of the God-called Psalmist who said, "I have not kept this Good News hidden in my heart; I have talked about Your faithfulness and saving power. I have told everyone in the great assembly of your unfailing love and faithfulness" (Ps. 40:10).

If the person you meet isn't sure about where they stand in their relationship with God, then choose not to be afraid and tell em in a simple, straightforward way.. in a fresh but sound sort of way about Jesus Christ. He is the One we love and need to talk about.

You know...tell em about how He lived, what He did on the cross, what He said (those prophesies will faithfully come to pass as so many already have), what He expects of us, and about His super delightful future plan for all who will come to Him on His terms. Ask God to use you to help em gain an assurance of their salvation from the Word. 

Use what you've got for Jesus. Do what you can daily and God will give you more. Yes, determine now to do what He enables you to do, expecting God to anoint all your efforts. When you give your all believer, God can make your little bit a whole lot for His others!

Besides it's so awesome.. unbeatable see others catch fire for the Lord and then see em go global in His Name too.
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