Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Still Got A Sense Of Humor, Believer? Why not?

If we don't have some joy in our Christian experience today, then they say it's our own fault. Dunno for sure, but I'm still laughin' at some things. Come on, no worries, read further...

Now I know that you might have been through a lot of very hellish junk to get to this point and I certainly don't mean to come off as crass, insensitive or cavalier at all. I never want to rub salt in a fresh or old wound. But God can help us get over the bad stuff so we'll laugh again. 

I read in a Better Homes n Gardens mag: "Laugh Your Way to Good Health." The guy who wrote the article, Nick Gallo, made a cool observation . Nick said, "Humor is good medicine-and can actually help keep you in good health." He cites what William F. Fry, M.D. said, who carefully described humor and laughter as "inner jogging" and says that it's good for a person's cardiovascular system. Perhaps you've read similar stuff from other authors before?

Anyways, comparing laughter to physical exercise, Gallo said that when a person laughs heartily from deep down in his gut, several physical benefits will occur. There's a lowering of blood pressure for a period of time, and a good reduction in their muscle tension. Ever tense up with stress? Let me reword that: Ever get in traffic and go shopping at the mall during this time of the year? Better than any chill-pill is God's advice for the worried and sad people! Doctor Fry goes on to tells us that many people sense a more "relaxed afterglow" of sorts following laughter.

He even concluded his article by saying, "An enduring sense of humor, especially combined with other inner resources such as faith and optimism, appears to be a potent force for better health." Want health on multiple levels today? Appropriate God's joy as you apply His Word! 

Christians express their joy in different ways. Some are more outwardly expressive due to nurture and how God made and gifted em, but above all other people, born again believers should benefit from laughter gobs because we have the most to express gratitude for, and the greatest Reason to be joyful about - His Name is Jesus!

Yes, it's later than it's ever been before, but it's certainly not too late for you to have humor!

Go have a chat with God 'bout it. Of course we aren't to be inappropriate by laughin' all the time or at what just isn't funny.. or to be strangely laughin' "allegedly in the Spirit" as some of my dear friends have done in past decades (don't ask; you don't wanna know about dumb fruitless fads). But I find that life rarely gets so horrible, that we in Jesus can't find something to laugh at ..or some real church friends to laugh with. This is just a natural and wholesome part of living ..or should be.

Think about how it should and shouldn't play out, this laughter stuff.. Christian humor ain't ever dirty, distasteful, hurtful to others, ill-timed, de-edifying, or tactless. It is never degrading of people or of God.

It does have the right tone, timing, topic and tact! It can even have a hook in it (I've personally seen comedy as good bait for the Gospel's sake, in drawing a crowd to listen)! In fact I pray for more Christian comedians and excellent comedian teams, because this can be a real ministry to fish with where other things don't seem to get the Message through. Lots of people will go hear Christian comedians outside of a church building somewhere neutral long before they'd ever darken the threshold of a chapel or church building. Perhaps you remember Isaac Air Freight?

Humor can be a great fishing tool. Sure! Besides, why would any sinners want to hang tight with, or even listen to some pious sourpuss?

The Spirit can give you wisdom coupled together with humor today..for a Purpose! Do you ever ask Him to?

Perhaps you have a gift in this area? Commit it unto Him. Maybe you are like me and have zero gifts in this area. Still use and enjoy clean humor - don't be afraid to laugh in public no matter what "leader" has beat you down!

Some people try too hard to be funny (please don't..) for perhaps the wrong reasons and they are not funny. Not at all—it's sad and very pathetic! You've met people like that. Not really sure about what they are after ..attention, applause, fame? But we don't need people's attention on us really and we can honor the Lord with humor in the right way if we choose.

"But how can God use it, Kurt?"

Well, He can use it to bring joy where none exists and also help outsiders get a glimpse of how cool it is "inside" (in His Kingdom even down here). Jesus still wants people to better see what the Father is really like. Who wouldn't like Him? You know that He's not some bitter, uptight, stiff-necked-kill-joy that's out to wipe out "the masses of infidels" as the Quran describes Allah (who isn't the Bible God..) to be about. Question: Does your life clearly reflect the Bible God because you are in-touch with Him? Got His joy welling up inside you daily?

No the real God is never a dim or cold-hearted Barney, but He is out to help and heal and restore and rescue all who need that. So many still need to be rescued today!!!

Righteous humor uplifts hurting peeps; it lightens their spirits in a very broken world that comes down on us heavy at times. Good humor energizes people's minds in the right direction. We can casually witness with it. 

You can inject Scriptural truth into the convo along with your humor!

"Then our mouth was filled with laughter, and our tongue with singing. Then they said among the nations, 'The Lord has done great things for them.'" ~ Psalm 126:2

"Our dedication to Christ makes us look like fools…You are well thought of, but we are laughed at." ~ 1 Corinthans 4:10

I really thank God for a sense of humor! It helps us people to step back, to not take ourselves so seriously, nor to take this fleeting earthly experience so seriously.

Ever had a brain-lapse before? Man, I have done some pretty lame things that make others laugh hard ..and then that makes me also lose it. ROTFLOL!

I need to get out of myself at times to look at me from their perspective.

You know we aren't to join in and laugh at the filthy stuff and abysmal jokes the world is laughing at or join them in scoffing or mocking at our brothers and sisters. But why not join em (and other Christians..) in laughing at some of the stuff they laugh at you about? Sure, lighten up. Be free and healthy in your thinking!

The world needs to see a more casual, relaxed, joyous Church, rather than gobs of depressed dishonest church folk into religion, or into their own "dignity," self-preservation and image! 

Heaven will be a place of LAUGHTER!!! It's already a spot for humble joy, all out worship, and full-throttle celebration! It rocks and won't ever be a step-on-the-brakes-rad-boring place for dead religion. No, cuz Satan is the religious one.

Never forget that no exciting party down here will ever be close to comparable with Heaven at all!

Listen, God says, "A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit saps a person's strength" (Prov. 17:22, nlt). Yes, in the Bible king Solomon tells us about three things that will occur when people have lost their inner sense of humor: 1.) A broken weak spirit, 2.) A lack of inner healing, and 3.) Dried-up bones (Prov. 15:13, 15; 17:22). Who wants have or be a desolate lonely bag-a-bones?

Question for ya, naw three of em instead... Can you laugh at your own mistakes and quirky human foibles? Can you discern well in Christ and restrain yourself when laughing just isn't fitting? In your personal relationship with the Lord (who ain't ever stuffy..), can you enjoy humor all alone, or with your family members in a natural sorta way? Know Him well and you can start! 

O that more children would know God's tender love, holy affection, gentle encouragement, superior wisdom and boat loads of hearty laughter in Christian homes. Too many only know of laughter in video games and on TV while sharp fighting is happening elsewhere. Belly laughter instead of strife in the home is so much better ..for the belly and for the heart, parents!   

If you can't yet answer yes to those questions, then please prayerfully and carefully read the Bible again. You might notice some things about your good natured Lord that you haven't noticed before. You might even feel your strained neck muscles start to relax as your burdened and troubled thoughts are chased away by good old-fashioned laughter! Cheer up, chuckle a bit, obey a lot, and choose to be happy in the Lord. The Spirit makes it easy to be ..and why else? Well, because lives are at stake.