Thursday, August 26, 2010

If you like rescuing pets like Liney does, then I think you'd like helping people too!

Off the subject.. 

Don’t know if you’ve ever met my beautiful wife, Liney, yet.

She is the real deal—the most selfless, non-vain, giving and serving Christian that I have ever met and she loves to send me (and our relatives) lots of photos of animals that she claims are cute (not even a few are).. especially pictures of wild-eyed cats and everyone knows where those things come from. Hint: Dogs are from God in heaven and cats are from __LL.

Ever taken a look at a cat’s facial expression? I rest my case.

Yeah, everyone around our entire neighborhood for a couple miles in every direction.. knows that Liney has a soft spot in her heart for animals and these pets often seem to show up with needy owners too. I always say, wanna meet friends, buy a dog! Liney has tons of friends. I've asked Liney before how she feels the need or responsibility inside to help so many and she says they just need to be in their place? Don't get me wrong we actually only live with one pet, thank God!!! But neighbors constantly bring em to her for special attention or doctoring. They don't brring me to me ..ever.. but every now and then I end up doing a wedding or a funeral for some of them. Liney is a better Christian than I by far and she is constantly stopping to pull-in all different kinds of animals from the middle of the street ..or to take them to the Vet ...and for that I am really proud of her.  but please don't tell her. 

Sometimes she's out there hanging up lost or found pet signs on poles too. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? I used to wonder who did that kind of thing.  

For a long time Liney was reading a book from Europe called something like, “All Creatures Great and Small” (there's a series of four by James Harriot) about a rural veterinarian in Yorkshire and all of his farm adventures etc. She daily told me all the details of what happened in those books so now I feel like I know the the chap and all his quirky pet and human clients. Liney never ever watches the animal programs or animal movies where one animal suddenly catches and devours another animal (it always happens too and I've tried to flip ahead to another channel ..but am not fast enough), but the other day said that she can hardly wait 'til the rapture when she gets to heaven so she can watch animal shows without all the blood and guts. Sometimes the strays from our area or even from farther away ..end up in our backyard and then I get all kinds of mixed emotions going on. She's workin' the phones. She purposes that it will never happen again - just this one time, Kurt. Right Liney!  

Anyways, her boss Carol at the Cooper Clinic gave Liney a book recently that was written by bestselling novelist, Dean Koontz. The book is called, “A Big Little Life.” I haven’t read it yet and she didn't agree with 100% of it but said that it’s a decent read and about this Newport Beach based author and his wife’s golden retriever, Trixie. Perhaps you’ve read it. I might delve into the pages one day. From listening to her explain it, it kind of reminds me of this verse…

“A righteous man regards the life of his animal, but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.” ~Proverbs 12:10

Sounds like a nice author. Yes, Liney has been talking for days to me about what this author wrote.. especially what this guy wrote at the very end of his book:

“The life of a seamstress is no smaller than the life of a queen, the life of a child with down syndrome no less filled with promise than the life of a philosopher, because the only significant measure of your life is the positive effect it has on others, either by conscious acts of will or by unconscious example. Every smallest act of kindness—even just words of hope when they are needed, the remembrance of a birthday, the compliment that engenders a smile that has the potential to change the recipient’s life. If by the example of her joy and innocence, a dog can greatly change two lives for the better, then no life is little and every life is big. The mystery of life is the source of wonder, and the wonder of life is what makes it so worth living.” 

This man has a superb and premium knack for words huh. Man, Liney and I really want our lives to have a positive effect upon the Lord first (you know in really blessing Him for who He is..) as we earnestly worship Him from our hearts and then also upon others that we come in contact with. You also want your life to count for world changing huh! Please continue to pray for open doors for us to go through and also let us know how we can lift you up. 

“Let each of you look out not only for his own interests, but also for the interests of others.” ~ Philippians 2:4

“But others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire, hating even the garment defiled by the flesh.” ~ Jude 1:23

Anyways, Liney (who really loves reading books by Christians who care for others and even for animals) said it was a simple but very good book, not a personal evangelism or ministry book per see but still a wonderful book. The author really shines his light and says that he is a Christian ..which is wonderful. He certainly has more than a way with words and the book graphically told a great story about his loving thoughtful dog who seemed to be a good judge of people’s character. Watching my wife constantly help pets and people, saints and sinners, kinda makes me want to get involved with the need too and use what few little gifts I have to bless others too. (I don't know about cats yet. That could take a lot of time [cacck caaack, hairball], but God ain't done with me). And it all makes me kinda sorta want to be more God-and-others-orientated as she is.. as Jesus Himself was and always will be. He's there for you even better than my wife is there for the neighborhood pets! 

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