Monday, May 17, 2010

h2o coming down ..strong

umm gudmornin'.
uggg.. already?

I love you.
whatever You want - yes!!! 

those words "yes Lord" can be my motto today. ok? 
sure, for a week, a month, a lifetime...
what do ya say?
i say hilfe!

location: a biggy sized midwestern town.  
slept in some. watched Saving Private Ryan after midnight.
why? dunno really. guys love bravery and action!

7:25 am.
seven year old spotted dog waiting for a game plan.. staring at me.

getting warmer out. humidity.
summertime ..striving to fully emerge.
semi-speedy mountain-bike ride.
clouds growing darker up in the sky.
visiting with friends awhile.
rain started pouring down …hard.
h2o ..overkill as is often the case.
a little windy. 

still wanna write about odd things..
about normal stuff like trials, and 'bout Jesus…
wanna scribble over struggles, failures, dangers, temptations, victories..
you know, that which is common to ordinary prayin' folk like me.
desire to see their eyes and smiles again...
as i tell em the whole nine Yards!
don't know them all. some i do.  

feel glad for the rays of sun light and His immeasurable love
..coming at each of us in different ways each day.
and for His glory that somehow bleeds through
..all the seasonal gloom and fast paced mundinity.
Christ gladly answers prayer,
with genuine care.
sure - when it's right!

wanna get with more honest individuals. 
met two no nonsense airport executives. 
didn't talk a whole lot. 
felt more like listening up..
even though i'm not so good at that. 
interesting stories!

rain upon us. awaken! 
reign over us!
“will You not revive us again,
that Your people may rejoice in You?” ~Psalm 85:6
“..revive us..
and we will call upon Your name.” ~Psalm 80:18b 
no more shame.. and to you the fame!
“..breathe life into our lungs so we can shout your Name!” msg
don't feel like runnin' ahead of Him, or lagging behind.
who needs my quickie solutions..
that won't work?
no one. zip.
He's worth waiting for…
cuz He's done it before. always on time!
and He'll be there for you too.. if you just ask Him to.

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