Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What.. Accelerate My Innovate?

Do you take some risks from time to time? Hope so. Some risks really intrigue me. Tell me about ones that worked out well for you if you have a moment. What do ya like to innovate or create? Man, I want to talk to Christians who feel some level of trepidation about innovation or simply stepping out in faith to attempt something new.

Why? Well, there have been times in history where the Church has really been missing it in this department.. when hungry people just wait and wait and wait need God's body on earth to get the Word out and not be all about itself.

You know that the purpose of all good innovation is to serve or minister to people better and to primarily please the Lord. I love how the Bible starts out with, "In the beginning God created..." (Gen. 1:1), well He did all of that with us in mind.

Look at how He blessed people in that book!
Did they lack? No! He had their back and got em all the info they needed.

But I also want to talk to others who have inborn gifts and talents, but are not quite sure where to start or how they can employ them to the extent that they were meant to be used.
Do you believe that you have gifts inside that can be used for the glory of God? For us guys, it would be a terrible thing to have tools in the garage and never use em. And how would you ladies feel to have a high-end HGTV kitchen with all the bells an whistles if you will, but then watch decades pass and no one in the family ever tries to cook anything?

"Kurt, you talk of God-given gifts but those He seems to allegedly give them to.. really make me nervous. besides, I really wouldn't mind not using the kitchen just as long as my man takes us all out to restaurant row daily!"Listen, some of those who claim to have gifts also make me feel the same way that you do, but all past misuses with some people doesn't negate that gifts can be used right and help others!

OK, perhaps you feel that in order for you to become a real Christian, you must be A.) Southern, B.) Have a thick drawl or twang, C.) Wear a white Armani suit with a diamond pinky ring flashing out the glOoorAy. D.) Go up on your toes when you shout.. a lot, even though it might be more appropriate to just talk normally. You know, "Ba Haaailed" (with a smack-down on the forehead)! E.) You must function semi-anamatronically just like some who seem to be like Christian clones around you (many are not).

Hey, it takes a living hope from the Lord inside people to create or to go forward right. You don't have to be like those in the world who are off or like me. Not called for at all! God just wants you to be yourself and use what He gave you minus all sinning. Sure He can help you if you fail, and make you more innovative in a fitting, winsome way if you are willing.

 "Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit." ~Paul, Romans 15:13

Been thinking 'bout innovation lately and how I might encourage you in this direction. With quickly changing times, the tweeking of our methods must happen if we are to remain effective in getting through to people!

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