Monday, December 14, 2009

Like That Song Goes.. "What's It All About?"

What's it really all about? What exactly is biblical Christianity all about?

Glad you asked! Let me tell you. It's about real satisfaction plus! Christianity is so much more than you or I merely giving mental assent to a group of "doctrines." It's more than some pious cognitive high-brow intellectualism or rule-keeping. It's about lasting spiritual satisfaction.. but not such that would leave your physical needs un-addressed cuz God died for and cares for all three parts of you—spirit, soul and body!

As a young boy I used to think that "Christianity" was one big boring hyper-formal stiff religion that would maybe give me lasting fire insurance instead of any satisfaction. I remember doing as I was told about sacrificing—throwing my favorite decent toys away into the trash can during lent just to gain favor or points with the Father. That was stupid! He wanted me, not my toys. I thought it was about me agreeing one hundred percent with all the extra-biblical tenants, rituals, and vain practices that my religious leaders taught me to rigidly obey and also about me involving myself in every Sunday service that they held (my family almost never missed). But it ain't about all that! God isn't religious.

Yeah, let's talk for a moment about what it really is about...

Here's what it is.. it's a fulfilling love-relationship of vertical trust. It's the warm caring affectional embrace of a big-hearted God—yes of Jesus Christ as more than just some close uber-familiar friend that we treat like some chummy bellhop to do our bidding, rather than our strong Lord and Redeemer-Friend. Some relationships just feel right, but this One is so much more than that. It simply is right all the time!

Christianity is about being and walking in Christ constantly because we are so intrigued with Him—yes, walkin' in His love and truth daily and totally looking to Him to address our deepest longings and real needs.

Lots of Children can talk about what they feel they need and still be so far off. Jesus knows what we need most, what we need least and what we need in the middle. He also knows when we need to receive what we need most for each moment we live. He's got it all covered if you're covered by His blood! Sure some dreams we deeply desire will be fulfilled later on in His holy heaven, but there is never a time to distrust Christ's wisdom or timing even a little bit in all of this!

Your nine months or so in your mother's womb were all on purpose, to help prepare you for your future life outside of the womb here on earth. Your time in there wasn't simply an end in itself or meant to be ended by another's choice—you've always belonged to God not to your mother or earthly father! Now this life for you hear on earth is simply prep for the next (and I don't mean reincarnation here). It's a time for you to learn to know God well and then make Him well known.. worldwide, starting from home where the rubber really meets the road.

Today, some genuinely born-again Christians look partly to this world system to meet their needs. Sad! Some look to themselves or to their company and then partly to Christ to meet their needs. Sad! And I'm not talking about that kind of half-baked kind of trust when I speak of normal Christianity! That's not what biblical Christianity is all about at all—putting one eye here on your boss, girlfriend, government etc and then one eye on Jesus to come through for you. Christ alone is your Source. That kind of thing would just make you most miserable and also make your vision worse than cross eyed. You'd have too much of Christ to be happy in the world, and too much of this world to be happy in Christ. You'd lose your saltiness and not shine brightly in the dark. But there is a certain cross-eyed you need to maintain.

You and I are called to be one hundred percent satisfied in Jesus all the time, in an unbroken beautiful union of passion where we aren't one thing in public and another way in private! God hates hypocrisy, but loves hypocrites!

It's because He designed us for this type of straight forward no-secrets-withheld enveloping of relationship with Himself. "Satisfaction guaranteed" on this extremely elevated level, ain't to be found anywhere else! We search here and there to fill up this inner hungry void inside but nothing quite fits just right. Nothing and no one on earth can even come close to filling the bill so to speak.

Man, that's why the divorce rate is as high as it is. A primo job, bank account, car, vacation, massive home media center, exotic sexually perverse experience trying to live out the porn-lie, beefed up computer network, respected religion, house with a drawbridge, tall lanky snotty spouse ..or harem—friends with benefits etc ..will simply not satisfy you. Hollywood and handsome politicians have lied to you big time—many times. The attitude of today is; Get all you can, can all you get and spoil the rest.. and then sit on the can. But he who dies with the most toys from say shoppin' til they be droppin' doesn't necessarily win here. Ask the up-and-outer yuppie King Solomon who had it all. Man, just ask Tiger Woods or his beautiful young wife ..or some of the other very popular and skilled pro athletes ..or A-list actors or super-models who feel majorly flawed ..or dancers or American Idol singers etc. Jesus Christ is the One you need to find peace and fulfillment!

Listen, free repentance, faith, joy and a righteous relationship with forgiveness included at no extra charge ..can be received today! This is what it's about and what you've been longing for! Then you can learn to walk in real victory over temptations, sin and the flesh (I mean all that your old nature inside craves that isn't good for you and would literally tear down the work of Christ in your life). You were meant for so much more—a practical and tight walk with your First Love—Christ! This walkin' can be rightly learned by any of us because His Holy Spirit will come inside of you to teach you along the Way.

Following Jesus indeed can be very satisfying for any human being to enjoy, as we worship God alone, as we humbly serve God uncompromisingly and as we candidly pour out our hearts to Him. Sure, this Bible Jesus I'm telling you about promises to meet all of your needs instead of all out greeds. Yup, some people are literally wrecked when they are given too much, so we can't stop depending upon the Lord's wisdom and guidance!

Hey, I say go to Him as the living water you've been thirsting for today.. as the living Bread from heaven that you've been ravenously hungry for.. as the light of the world that you've been stumbling around trying to find and walk in!

It's a failure to seek first anything else as your satisfaction when knowing Christ alone is it. PERIOD! I plead with you.. cease being His enemy and be reconciled to Him. Everything and everyone else is vastly inferior on every level Jesus! Say, no more idols (any other priority put ahead of Him in your life)!

Christ's love runs deep enough and strong enough and wide enough to perfectly satisfy you, me, and everyone else on this planet! Unfortunately not all will hear this in time and not all of them will trust Him and believe.

Listen, when you or I are tempted to go in a sinful direction to imbibe in or to indulge an appetite. You know, an appetite or desire for say, companionship or for food, for drink, for clothing, for housing or for sex (a very normal desire) ..I indulge in these independent of Christ's leading and will for you or I (as we find clearly spelled out for us in the Bible) we just won't come up with lasting satisfaction. Are there some grey areas that might not be so simple to figure out—not so specifically addressed in the Bible—regarding personal convictions? Sure, but the Holy Spirit's mouth still works. Jesus told us that His sheep hear His voice.

Are you sure I can't find it here by some other way, Kurt? Well just ask wealthy businessman and entertainer, Mick Jagger with the Stones, who countless times sang "I can't get no.. no, no, no. NO satisfaction!"

Hey gang, why suffer under the curse of sin another moment? Why go on suffering the consequences of the bad choices that people make these days trying to use their heads to the best of their ability in tryin' to meet their own needs, yeah, but doing all this in a way that breaks the heart of God and the reasonable commandments of God's Word?

"The fear of the Lord leads to life, and he who has it will abide in satisfaction; He will not be visited with evil." ~God, Prov. 19:23.

"There is forgiveness with you that you may be feared." ~God, Ps. 130:4.
"But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you." ~Jesus, Matt. 6:33.

"Nevertheless I have this against you, that you have left your first love." ~Jesus, Rev. 2:4.

Why continue to let real Christianity remain outside the circle that represents the sum of all your personal life-experiences your own long-term dissatisfaction? Isn't eternity a long time to discover that you were wrong on this Issue? Why not intimately know, heartily worship, zealously serve and fully enjoy the satisfying One.. like say ..forever more? Like ..and they both lived happily ever after.

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