Tuesday, October 20, 2009

More Authority Than What’s Written In The Bible? Naw, Like ..Not So Much.

Q: Does the alleged "leading of the Spirit" for a Christian or for anyone for that matter.. have more authority than what's written in the Bible?

A: No. Paul sez the Spirit does indeed lead Christians (See 1Cor. 12-14 ..and yes, systematically check it out in the New Testament how he himself was led by the Spirit as he went everywhere sharing the Gospel for decisions). But Paul would first test all that "alleged leading" before just leaping. Ya know, it's totally OK to be sure that what you are hearing is actually in the will of God and listen to the Lord who really doesn't mind you checking things to be certain you've got a green light from Him ..at all!

Paul put all that "leading" stuff (inner impulses, dreams, gift-messages etc) under the authority of the Word of God and we should too. Check it out.. Paul actually put it under his own authority.. the very Scriptures that he penned saying, "..you should recognize that what I am saying is a command from the Lord Himself. But if you do not recognize this, you will not be recognized" (1 Cor. 14:37).

Paul was speaking by the inspiration of the Spirit.

All the apostles viewed their teachings of truth as coming from God in an authoritative kind of way—totally inerrant. Of course not all of what they each said during their lifetimes became Scripture but what did in the Cannon, is what I am saying that we should trust more than any so called gift or gifted minister.

Why? Cuz all of the spiritual gifts were given from God in a non-authoritative kind of way—non-inerrant.

Factoid: The Pope and us Christians from other church persuasions ..as much as God loves us.. do not speak hexahedra, so the gifts of the Spirit are therefore always to be subordinate to the inspired, written Word of God. Oh yes! Even the Catholic Bible teaches that (I used to be an altar-boy and wear that black kinda dress and white fluffy blouse.. don't laugh).

Don't get me wrong. I believe that the gifts are for today, but over the years we've all heard many horrific stories about the tragic mistakes that people have made publicly ..in presumption, that literally brought reproach against the work of Christ. We don't need any more of that jive!!! Can we be reminded of these thoughts too much. Don't think so.

We know how countless precious lives (followers) have been deeply damaged and worse.. by people who were absolutely sure that they heard from God via some prophecy, an interpretation to a message given in a church in tongues etc... and then how such people went and hurt other valuable people in serious ways simply because they.. as Maxwell Smart used to put it: "Missed it by that much!" What they "heard" didn't actually come to pass. It didn't turn out exactly the way that they thought it would turn out. Then disapointed people bail out on God and church altogether. So sad! Being disillusioned and disappointed, like God somehow let em down.. it makes em wanna take a stride from their loving Master's side. The church needs anointed accurate Bible teaching today, but it also needs wise anointed hearers too. Following the Lord has got to be practical for us, because He is very practical. 

Remember Jim Jones and the Kool-Aid ..please!

No beloved politician or so called spiritual leader today should ever feel appalled or arrogantly incensed inside ..when people or News networks are asking hard questions and testing what these people with so much weighty responsibility are saying.

No follower should be so gullible, naive, or enraptured in some weird love affair with a popular charismatic leader who ostensibly has a beautiful, warmhearted family ..having an attitude that this leader simply can not fail them. We want people and leaders to succeed, of course, but it's imperative that we succeed spiritually. We all can fail. We all can influence people in a good or a bad way and constantly need to be aware of what we say and how we live before a wayward watching world. Please test what I say too! What exactly am I saying here? Let's be balanced, filled and led by the Holy Spirit, but also be like the Bereans ..and Paul. They were indeed "led" but they also leaned-hard on what the Word of God actually said because at when you think about it, the Holy Spirit and the Word will always be in perfect harmony with each other. Duh!

"Forever, O Lord, Your Word is settled in heaven." ~Psalm 119:89

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