Saturday, August 1, 2009

Got A Few Moments For A Very Casual Random Poll?

What cha up to today? Done anything interesting? I just got back from a trip to San Antonio and wanted to say hi to ya. Maybe this is kind of a good way to do that ..ya know.. in order to better get to know you some. OK, so here's my poll...

1.) If you could share Christ in the best possible way ..with just one person today, face to face, who would that be? ____________ I would really love to sit down, befriend and share Jesus with President Obama’s beautiful kids, Tierra Malia and Sasha, because they are so young and might later (if they decide to) share Him with many others. Wouldn’t that be way cool!

2.) Who are you praying for these days and why? ____________ (Hey, I can join you in this too. Just DM me at @kurtwvs or in facebook if this needs to stay private OK).

3.) Do you know anyone among your friends who seems open to the Gospel Message that you can go witness to? ____________

4.) How long has it been since you shared your own story (testimony) with someone in a non-churchy kinda way ..or in any kind of way (are you a Christian yet.. with a testimony to tell)? ____________

5.) Do you ever ask God to open doors for this or that He would make it easy for you to start out? ____________

6.) What is your favorite book of the Bible? ____________ I like the Gospel of John (the whole book is a good tract to use).

7.) What is your favorite story in the Bible? ____________ I like the prodigal son story. Been there, done that.. went to the dogs, fed the hogs and homewards Kurt jogs.

8.) What is your favorite verse in the Bible and why? ____________ Romans 8:28 (check it out in context when you get a chance) which says: “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.” Reason: I have really messed up a lot in the past trying to do what it right and sometimes not even trying to.

9.) Who is your favorite Old Testament character and why? I like Noah. I can sometimes relate to how he felt when he ran the other way.

10.) Who is your favorite New Testament character and why? I like John the beloved. He was very close and honest with the Lord knowing God would understand.

11.) Who is the most interesting person that you have ever met. I would say my wife, Liney.. a very smart person that still intrigues me.

12.) What's your absolute favorite food today? I would say it would have to be Sushi (this week).

13.) If you don't currently have a close meaningful two way relationship with the Lord, what would prevent you from getting right with Him right now?

14.) What's your favorite reptile (OK, so this is a bit off the wall..)?__________. Liney and I just saw a copperhead snake on the trail before us while out hiking ..for real. Our dog almost stepped on it too, but in this line of thinking.. I really like horned toads as well. Used to catch em as a boy during the summer time at camp.

BTW: We hope you are having a really nice weekend with your loved ones. Give em a bear hug for me (that'll throw em off a bit ..just for some fun). It's kind of hot here in Dallas and I need to go mow the lawns now. See ya! Thanks. Remember to keep on fishin' for souls and let Jesus help ya.

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