Sunday, May 17, 2009

Whatcha Gotta Make Happen To Be Accepted!

For He knows our frame; He remembers that we are dust. Psalm 103:14, nkjv

You don't need to make "acceptance" happen at all. Jesus already did all that for you. The Father hates sin, but He totally accepts you and can make you new! You don't need to strive, connive, or jive at all. Listen, God totally understands you, He gets it aboutcha! He knows how weak we are, and how much we each need Him.

Man, our uber-awesome gracious God has such a great memory too and He clearly recalls every little detail of how He skillfully made every individual ..and how he fashioned people in general, from the very dust of the ground (Gen. 2:7). You were in His mind long before you were in your parent's minds. You're not a mistake and unwanted. He has an eternal purpose for your life.

I just love how it is with Him.. don't you?

God is strong, but so gentle and will never expect more from any of us than what the Holy Spirit is able to do in and through each one of us for God's glory. We simply obey Him and the blessings typically start to flow for more than one person (we want the Blesser more than His blessings!). Yup, if we simply allow the Spirit the freedom to work as we tell others about Christ.

Does that make you feel secure and at peace inside to know that the Creator of the universe knows you and all your needs? Hey, how do you spell relief? The Bible Lord—the true Vine—knows you and I very well and how fruitless our lives will be if we try to go-it solo, independent from Him. We can do nothing good at all apart from Him, not even suck in our next breath of air!

It's sad that most people don't see this and many take this for granted. Jesus wants all sinners to come to Him just as they are, but willing to repent, believe and change.. willing to allow Him to bring about all the changes inside of them.

In Christ we don't have to prove ourselves at all to God, but turn and come to be changed--it's by grace through faith.

Eternal acceptance and life were made possible for you by Christ's eternal love was displayed at Calvary!

Christians are indeed dust ..with of course H2o (..some 80% of our bodies are water), but we are also infused with the very breath of God. That's how we can joyously be controlled by God the Spirit for our very brief fishing venture down here! So cheer up, He accepts you.

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