Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Chicken Dinner, Henry, And His Cowboy Cheerleader Friends

Ever been caught in a very funny situation that you hadn't seen for awhile? Henry, a typical beer-chuggin' single yuppie Dallasite with a sense of humor and I were grabin' a bite to eat downtown here tonight, and just ran into some 30 Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders all decked out in evening gowns and "out on the town" for a banquet (..again.. yes, it's been almost a year since I last ran into these ladies out doin' PR stuff).

In fact they all are still here. Now Henry (who ain't drinking tonight..), "out of the blue" started talking with Trisha and just blurted out "I L-O-V-E YOU and I still want a date with you young lady!"

Okeee.. yeah, this statement kinda caught me off guard and made me snicker some—you've gotta know Henry. Funnnny a lot--he's worse than me! But he's never ever discouraged by anything daunting. And get this.. Henry actually knew these two sisters, Cheryl 23 and Trisha 24, from San Benito Texas and he had in fact just seen both of them two days ago.

And then Trisha responded to him with a "Sure, Henry, a date", and then she slapped him on the shoulder as she made her way to go sit down for her meal. And believe me, interminable Henry was quick to get one of his business cards in her hand so she indeed wouldn't forget him. Now what does this have to do with anything? It doesn't.. I'm sorry. Probably shouldn't even be writing about such a non-edifying meal around our baked chicken and green beans, but thought you'd like to laugh a bit too. Just pray for my bud, Henry. LOL! Pray for me too that I can always be what I ought to be. Hope he ain't lustin' right now, but I am glad he likes girls instead of guys. Praisealuya!

Now some of my international friends might be scratching their heads about now, going huh.. Cowboys?.. Cowboy Cheerleaders? I've been asked about them by young Europeans before. I always say: Hey, you really don't need to know, but you do need to know about the Lord. If you miss Jesus, you miss everything you need most! The Bible says, "Do not give your strength to women..." (Prov. 31:3). Yup, why not get all hyper-spiritual on em when I don't know how to explain the need for cheer leading women in white cowgirl boots and not much cow-atire beyond that? It really is kinda hard to explain about em to other cultures. Well you just had to have been there. Comical!!!


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