Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pogo Does Dallas

Liney and I recently received a text message from "Pogo," a former California biker pastor of mine about a Dallas showing of his new docudrama movie called, Lost Boy: The Next Chapter (as did countless of his other dear Facebook / Twitter buds who also got it).

You see, Greg Laurie leads this tiny little struggling church on the backside of the desert there called Harvest Christian Fellowship ..that.. well lets say had more than 15,000 people in active attendance by 2003 and has really grown since then. He's not really some success guru, he just cares about a lot of people. More about him later.. you probably already know him from his wonderful stadium crusades or radio program called, A New Beginning.

Anyway, that message informed us that, "The bald eagle had landed" meaning Greg who is in fact somewhat folically challenged by his own admission (..denial ain't a river running through Egypt), along with his son Jonathan had just arrived here in the Big D and they were headed off to the location were we "the viewers" were to go meet them. Hey, we joined in out of curiosity.

Was the movie lame and a total waste of everyone's time?

No, on the contrary, it actually was pretty cool. In fact, I really think that you, your family members, and friends would do well to see or get Lost Boy: The Next Chapter. Liney and I had a chance to briefly thank Greg for it too... but what's important now is that you check it out and tell me or better yet, Pogo - that's his nickname, what you really think. I know that's what he would like, because it might just make your day like it did ours.

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