Monday, February 2, 2009

46 Words That Literally Make A Marriage Sing!

Happy Valentines Day!

Married guys, it's imperative that we don't miss Valentines Day! Are you looking forward to this day arriving? Man, I proposed to my beautiful wife Liney 27 years ago on that day. How could I forget. It was in the evening after dining at the Chanticleer (which is now called the Terrace Café in Dallas) and it was while strolling through Colorado Park by the lake.. which she later claimed has a bad reputation and is called "muggers park." Who knew?

She was more nervous than I was. But (after I trusted Christ in '77), this was the second greatest decision of my entire life! Amazingly, Liney says the very same thing about this decision.

We were both Bible students at the time and after V-day we didn't really have the guts to tell our parents for weeks that we were actually engaged, because she and I had only met each other seven weeks prior, at a Dallas Porn-protest at the City Hall. We knew with such a short about of time, they would wonder about the strength of our mutual commitment. What parent wouldn't; was I a young idot or what?

Hey, don't laugh… I knew deep down in "my knower" (in my once dead but now alive human spirit) that she was the one and besides... hormones can be a pretty strong factor to fight against when you're only 23 years old and away at college.

Christ indeed gets all the credit for us still being together today, because I'm just plain hard to handle! We had some strong disagreements in the first year (yup, full on verbal fights, strife and all). I'm pretty thickheaded. And I'd usually say during those times of adjustment and friction. "Hey, I'm going on a walk to cool down." It was funny one time, because she ran out of our cheap apartment that was filled with used Salvation Army furniture after me, then she grabbed me by my shoulder, whipped me around real fast and said, "Hey, you aren't leaving me!"

You know what.. I'm still very intrigued with Liney too. I call her "the tall brunette". She is so real, so blunt with her dry wit.. so humble, yet a real challenge with that snotty look on her face. She has always made me feel like a million bucks too, showing such respect for me in public.. as if I deserve it. Ha! She knows how to appeal when I'm wrong as well. This young lady is still intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally AWAKE! Yes, she knows far more than I do that is for sure (..very well read). And her no-nonsense personality just drives me nuts, because she is out to impress no mere human. When people first meet us together, they normally always like her much better than me 'cause I can be a bit "flighty" (..allegedly AD-Hugely-H-D ..but I never let a doc confirm this silly accusation from my three boys. Why give them more ammo-fodder to work with?

Q: Are you a single Christian but called to be married? Thank the Lord for His precise timing and continue to pray about discovering the right one as you seek Christ first. Listen, you can fully trust Jesus, but I also advise waiting longer than seven weeks to pop the question. God is so there for you to meet all your needs if you will let Him. Remember how God charged the daughters of Jerusalem by the gazelles and by the does of the field, " not stir up nor awaken love until it pleases" (Sgs. 3:5).

Are you single but and not called to be married? Thank the Lord—He is more than enough!

Are you married today? Thank the Lord ..He is so there for you too.. to give you more and more love for each other as you pursue Christ with 100% commentment!

Gotta a cool marriage verse for you here below (..but at the same time I wanna discourage all singles who read it and kinda like to dream.. to not do their dreaming while lying down somewhere together. Don't trust your flesh or be igNEeRt now.. and you who get tempted, know who you are and what I mean. See Eph. 5:3, Col. 3:5). We all could get tempted and fall if we are not depending on the Holy Spirit!

God says, "Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their labor. For if they fall, one will lift up his companion. But woe to him who is alone when he falls, For he has no one to help him up. Again, if two lie down together, they will keep warm; But how can one be warm alone? Though one may be overpowered by another, two can withstand him. And a threefold cord is not quickly broken" (Eccl. 4:9-12).

Q: Is Christ the third strand to add supernatural strength in your marriage cord of love? You can't decide for your spouse to become a full-on Christian, but you yourself can be right now! Turn from all wrong doin's and invite Christ in. Then you can pray daily for your mate. In fact, imitate and honest praying together, without ever hurting each other in prayer time ..or in trying to manipulate each other in that can be hugely beneficial! All you married people out there in this sex/youth crazed society hear this: Nothing promotes intimacy and the best sex more than fervent prayer together in the Spirit. Sex in marriage (and only in your marriage relationship) was God's good idea and it should never be merely relegated to some mere physical act! Christ needs to be a part of every area of your life as Lord. The Bible says...

"Give honor to marriage, and remain faithful to one another in marriage. God will surely judge people who are immoral and those who commit adultery" (Heb. 13:4, nlt).

So many people might think you are totally backwards and non-progressive if you seek for the old paths today regarding purity in and before marriage (seeking God by prayer and in the Bible), but remember.. you don't want what so many would be progresive thinkers out in the world have (not to condemn any divorced people here. Why leave a destructive wake of divorces or ripped up relationships behind you? Why potentially have adult kids one day that hate your guts, but love the new spouse of their other parent? Why risk getting aids, STDs, lawsuits, huge court costs, terrible heart ache, wounds, scars, complications in future relationships etc). Hey, worry not what others might think of you! Only what God thinks of you matters. It's because you will have to one day answer to Him ..with those "progresive thinkers"--the other people absent.

Here Are 46 Words That Make A Marriage Sing!

* I was so wrong (repent, hang a permanent U-turn from it)!

* It's my fault (take responsibility for your mess ups)!

* I am sorry (and be that way enough to change)!

* Please forgive me (and you too forgive all).

* How can I make it right (seek out godly counsel if you need to)?

* Yes Buttercup (mine's kinda humorous; inject your own pet name here).

* I love you (look your spouse in the eyes, and let your life match the words)!

* I've decided it's time to put the Word of God first (regardless of what they do)!

* How might I serve or help you gain what you need?

Married dude, in preparation for V-day, please go out and do something special like buying some flowers, candy or do somethin' to celebrate and have a wonderful day with your wife! Years ago, as a student I used to work as the head concierge at the four-star Adolphus Hotel downtown. That was before going overseas with my wife and kids as a cross cultural missionary, but I distinctly remember one new husband calling me back then, because he wanted to have his hotel bathtub in his suite literally filled up with small Jello cubes before his arrival. Man, what a request to hear, but I made it happen for this young couple and I didn't ask too many questions either. How creative and interesting. I've got tons of those lover stories too (not the details of course.. didn't want those). Sometimes a groom would call me to have rose pedals strewn all over their bed and the floor of their hotel suite. And I would have our housemen set out scented candles burning (now they have the kind without fire too..) before the couple arrived so the man could carry his bride over the threshold into a romantic setting and all. Why am I even talking about this stuff? What am I saying? Well, we married Christians live for and serve thee loving "Creator of the entire universe" and we marvel at the beauty of His handywork all around us when out in nature, and yet we often lack basic creative ideas. We could be brave, ask, and make an effort to spice up our mates life some couldn't we? Sure! We of all people, should be the most creative and loving people on this planet, especially when it comes to romance huh. Yes, chivalrous, selfless romance first started in God's heart so talk with Him about it. If you are saved, then you are a part of the bride of Christ. And your duty and mine while down here, is also to be a blessing and help gather others into Christ's body. As a groom I am to follow the example of the heavenly Groom, because my marriage should reflect His love and glory--that's being a good witness to those around me. The giving kind of love in my marriage really needs to clearly reflect the love of Christ for His own Church. Happy V-day! Go for it husbands—you already know what to do. Shine for Him, and rejoice in the wife of your youth!

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