Monday, December 15, 2008

Have The Most Blessed Christmas In ’08!

I recently had a very enjoyable time sharing a little from the Scriptures and about Jesus.. and even about Texas some with a man visiting Dallas from Finland. His name is Christian Emil and he is not a Christian yet, but he was amazed at how friendly Americans can be (..talking about Dallasites in general).. and curious about how differently people are who live here in the Lone Star State compared to how they are back in his beautiful homeland. I hear that kind of talk pretty often from visitors so in a good sense I'm still proud of our country. And Emil now wants to become my Facebook and Linkedin friend (he told me he has accounts in these social networks). Pretty cool huh!

You and I are so blessed here in America comparatively speaking ..even in spite of all the ignorant-hateful people with their inflammatory anti-God and faith signs that they place in the capital building.. yes, in spite of this economic down-turn ..and in spite of all the other arrogant secular progressives and atheists who want to abolish Jesus during His own birthday. God can give us His love, boldness and wisdom for them. You know, we used to be able to celebrate Christmas more easily a decade ago, but now it's become a real fight just to get through this season ..without getting into a fleshly fight. Even shopping can be kinda tense. We have big blessings on one hand, and spiritual battles on the other. Lets trust God for His power and remember to be good witnesses around our loved ones, our friends and those who oppose Christ. Let's remember to thank, praise and live 100% for Jesus Christ who also had to deal with people hating the Light of truth!

Remembering God’s Help During Another Year
The Bible says Samuel took a stone… and called its name Ebenezer, saying, “Thus far the Lord has helped us.” —1 Samuel 7:12

Do you remember reading in 1 Samuel about a very critical battle that the Israelites had with the Philistines?

The Jew's leader didn’t rely upon his own strength, but Samuel cried out to the Lord for Israel, and the Lord did answer him.

Check it out in the Scriptures, the Israelites erected a big rock as a reminder of how the Lord helped them in that battle. Do you remember what they named that stone? They called it, Ebenezer. That name has a great meaning too—it means “Stone of Help.” They did this to create a memorial back then. Being reminded, as a people, of how God had rescued them from their enemies was very important to them (7:12).

It was a great victory that God gifted to the Jews and “the Philistines were subdued, and they did not come anymore into the territory of Israel. And the hand of the Lord was against the Philistines all the days of Samuel” (V. 13).

Have you been fighting fierce battles lately? Maybe you’ve lost your retirement or have been laid off like a few friends of mine. It’s too early to quit fighting the good fight of faith! Believe God!

Help us, O God of our salvation, For the glory of Your name; And deliver us, and provide atonement for our sins, For Your name's sake! —Ps. 79:9

Ebenezer is a name meant to help us recall how ready, willing, non-passive, and available God is to help us in our time of need. He certainly doesn’t sleep, day or night. Our first love.. Jesus Christ.. and all the good things about Him that we can enthusiastically praise God for.. should be our joy and rejoicing. He alone should be our main focus and passion this year ..rather than all the negatives of this world including the negative thinkers who would (unintentionally, or intentionally) pull us down spiritually. Are you lonely, alone, or need the best kind of help this season? God is there to help as you turn and call out to Him.. as you surrender all to Him. Let’s lift our gaze, remember all He's done, and full-on worship the Lord ..for it’s His birthday after all! He is our true Ebenezer.. our ever present Help in time of trouble.

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