Friday, October 17, 2008

Is It Hard To Open Your Mouth?

Ever feel too shy to witness?

I know Someone that can help you. In fact we can do nothing of lasting value apart from Him. There is one Daysman, an Arbiter; a Mediator (and it ain't Mary as great as she was..) who has brought sinful me together with His Holy Father. And He continually helps me—just like He will you—to receive God's grace and pass it on.. to tell friends and family about what's most important.

How exciting is that? But how; you might ask ..when so many are trusting in worthless ways...I mean ways that are literally injurious. Yes, many people seem not to care, but where does it get them? But we must be there for them.

Listen, it's so unreasonable for man to think that he can build a bridge to God—that's just religion. But our practical non-religious God took the great risk motivated by love! He in His mercy, initiated reconciliation by building a bridge to man (and woman)—in sending Jesus Christ to die and to be quickened out of that stone-cold lonely hole in the ground. Afterward gobs of people saw Him too! He was God's only begotten sinless Son who spent a short lifetime courageously reaching out to touch hurting people, to heal and to save people. He might not have always felt like it, but after seeing them in such drastic need, He opened His mouth and gave them the unchanging truth. Yes, He offered themsince they had a choicethe only real and lasting Fix! Allow me to explain a bit more about man's weakness and God's WAY-STRONG ability.

The finite, those who seems so hopelessly bent towards dead religiosity when left to their own devices, could not reach out and touch the Infinite (no, no, could never be able to reach up to discover or find God).

Therefore the Infinite took the first step and has reach out to touch the finite (God intervened to rescue any human willing to turn and embrace the cross of Christ ..those kinda sound like churchy terms huh, but it's true).

That's the vast radical difference between every religious system down here and real Christianity! Ya gotta buy into it! Cost? Zero. You know that religion is basically man's attempt to reach up to God gain a right standing with Him by works, but Christianity is God reaching down to man to care for him—to give him His righteousness free of charge. Hey, it's never been earn-able! And that's why Christianity is so reasonable and logical when every other religious system in the world is neither reasonable nor at all logical. Jesus is the only Way into true righteousness. And that's why evangelism is so smart!

It's a no-brainer! And that's why it's foolish and idiotic not to go for it --not to go for Christ I mean ..and not to go help your friends in the greatest way possible. Man, once we enjoy fellowship and real life during life, we feel we MUST go share it with others so they can receive real life too (see Jn. 1:12-13). Why be selfish? How can we not go, when there are so many needy loved ones and friends all around us? Man, if your brother or sister were sleeping in a house that just burst into flames in front of you.. you not feeling like getting involved with all that dirty smoke wouldn't hold you back would it? A normal person would act quickly. That's love! You say, but I'm afraid, Kurt! Well, think about how many people pay lots of money to go be very afraid on a ride at Disneyland, or in some cheap horror flick. Fear isn't always bad. I love scary roller coaster rides that hang a person upside down before it drops them a hundred feet! God's perfect love in you will cast out all fear of witnessing! FEAR THOU NOT DUDE!

The Gospel is good news only if it arrives in time.

~ Carl F.H. Henry

For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth. ~ Paul, Romans 1:16

Are you right with God? Please don't wait until it is too late!

Be Willing To Turn And Go Tell!

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