Saturday, September 6, 2008

Was Asked to Hold Some Shades Tonight for Huey Lewis and the News

The Grammy-winning and Academy Award-nominated American rock band based in San Francisco is here and singing some "Shake, rattle, and roll" and "That's all right" songs ..right now. They sound pretty good too--no high girly-boy-voices that's for sure.

Yeah, it went like this.. a middle aged greying man came by and asked me to hold onto some sun glasses for an entertainer who would be arriving soon to claim them. He said, "I won't give you his alias name. No need for that... It's Huey Lewis."

He really didn't need to give me an alias.. because I really don't know anything about Huey Lewis and the News. Dunno, probably should know. I'm old enough to know and he is kinda from my era.

It was sorta like that... a kind-of-out-of-the-blue thang.

Anyways, sure enough about a half hour later, Mr. Lewis walked up to me (not that I recognized anybody..) and asked for Kurt. "Hi... Got my glasses? I was told.."

"Yup, here you go..."

(He was out golfing and accidently left them with a friend).

"Thanks a lot! I appricate it. Good to meet cha, Kurt."

And from there he simply walked in ...and up on the stage at this huge dinner and kicked off his first song high octane. Yes, they DO rock!

So there you have it... I'm the guy with the shades.

And I'll hold your sun glasses too, if you need me to.
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