Monday, August 4, 2008

O Mercy Me!

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Have you heard the latest songs from the band,
MercyMe? They're really good. I know you'll both like em and want to go look for this band playing in your area (..I'm not paid by any of them, I just like to listen)! They never pull me down either …like a bunch of hungry mangy mutt dogs. For Barry Graul (the lead guitarist), Robby Shaffer (drummer), Mike Scheuchzer (guitarist), Nathan Cochran (bass player), Jim Bryson (keys) and Bart Millard (the vocalist)—worshipping the Lord full-throttle and leading others vertically in singing His praises very much a life-long calling. It's our first priority (..and that's what you were designed to do, as well!). But that noble commitment has guided this band through the creation of six independent projects and very six creative albums.

Anyways, we were invited to go hear this band for a second time and were there with our cool friends Bill, Seena, the excellent non-religiously-verklempt Calvary Chapel of Garland Pastor, John Stewart, and his wife …along with some others at the Texas Ranger baseball game in the Ballpark at Arlington in the Dallas area. It was kick-ya-to-the-curb-gud, a wonderful time!

Yup, MercyMe does it right—a laid back concert there next to the stadium every year, and it's a lot of fun. I like how they mix their old songs with the new one too. Bart Millard also briefly prayed, clearly preached Jesus Christ and the Gospel without any apologies open-air and called people to get home before dark ….along with singing the national anthem over home plate inside the Texas Ranger baseball game. It was awesome!

Therefore I will give thanks to You, O Lord, among the Gentiles,

and sing praises to Your name.Psalm 18:49

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