Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Fairly Private Person

Did I ever tell you much about our second son and his wife yet? I wish I could tell you whole gobs. He is a soldier in the Army now and his name is Nathan Michael. He has fought hard and long in two tours of duty in Iraq to protect us. And he is now married to Holly who likes cute dogies (big and small ones, and that's just one of the reasons why we can so easily relate to her). God is also considerate of animals. Check it out in the Bible.

Nathan likes dogs as well. He has a couple of em that he might show you pictures of one day (a small one named Rusty that seems to have his same interminable impetuous temperament, and Duke a big white German shepherd who steers clear of the first one mentioned).

Nathan basically did like me... he married above his station. We both honestly don't deserve our beautiful wives, but we are grateful just the same. God has been very merciful and gracious to us. We are WAY-rad-blessed!

As the proud parents, Liney and I really love to relate some of the stories of all our kids just like we hear them all who will listen (that's what parents and grandparents do ..sometimes to the chagrin of some of their kid's or their friends. Who knew it would be like that?), but in Nathan's case and out of respect for the uniform he wears.. I will "try" to let him tell his own war stories etc and he can tell some.. as he wishes to (...unless of course he is not there to listen-in ..LOL!).

Now I can understand how some soldiers get bombarded with lots of questions regarding stuff they might have ..earlier... talk freely about (Nathan explained this to me) so I choose to be sensitive around all Vets. No worries, Nathan is "a talker" just like his dad is and he might possibly write some about those stories at a future date ...for you to read about. I dare you to coax him into it. Once he gets started, it's hard to stop him.

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