Saturday, July 12, 2008

Life Is Fairly Simple For Us

We were at the park again (Friday evening). Life is kinda simple for us and that's the place we talk the most (I know, for some reason I seem to write simple ..with grammar blunders too"Stick with the facts, Kurt!"). Sometimes we pray as we walk (her turn, my turn, her turn.. you know how it goes). There was some pyramid group gathering there picnicking by the hundreds (that's a money making sales type of group with a "strategy" and some higher ups just cleaning up due to their early entry and lots of hard working underlings who get out there and pound the pavement).

We saw a copperhead snake on the trail again (we've also seen coyotes, bob cats, iguanas, tarantulas, scorpions...tons of wild and even domestic bunnys who somehow got a way from their owners ...running around at this huge 50 acre park). Roxy sees the snakes on the path in front of us sometimes (that's where we normally see them and they all normally run from us ..except for the black cotton mouths who just sit there with their mouths wide open hissing at us and they won't ever give up any ground at all …even though Christian and JR (our former neighbor who now goes to OU in Oklahoma) throw pebbles and sticks at them. Roxy gets real jumpy in the water sometimes when there are sticks floating by and she has no real "hunter skills" in her. She pretends like she's a hunter sometimes, but doesn't really care (she as a Jack Russell is supposed to be a hunter, but she is merely a poser)—yup, it's all for show when she lifts her front leg and points to a bunny or squirrel like she's ready to attack. She might get bit by a creature one day if she and her owners is not careful.. I hope not. Roxy our dog always likes to go swimming in the river every time we visit and sometimes me and some church friends also go in to cool off.

Liney and I both have a totally free day today (Sat), and we are headed to the Craig Ranch Cooper Spa ..dash health club (Liney works for Doctor Cooper) that is north of us in McKinney Texas. We were going to go there yesterday but she said she felt way too tired after work due to not sleeping enough on Thursday night so she asked that we go together today instead of to that pool and gym on Friday (last night). She also wants to go look at wholesale stand-alone ovens (It's become very evident how much a German girl's week happens around an oven), plus she says she has some wedding cakes to bake—cakes that are soon coming due for some people. FYI: Liney has made literally hundreds of very large to small cakes that she gives away and sometimes sells when people approach her regarding their weddings (many of them are not posted online). My boys and her friends all feel that her pies are the best though. Our oven broke about a week ago. I don't know how anyone will cut away the counter top to fit it in and have it not look horrible, but she says the built in ones are a lot more money). We might need to hire a counter top cutter and fixer guy. Dunno yet.

I think we somehow put all our "oven money" into the gas tank at the Quick Trip station.

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