Thursday, July 17, 2008

I Had a Free-day and Liney is Now Headed Home

Liney is on the road driving here after work right now and the dog and I are of course.. totally stoked out! Why? Well I can't answer for Roxy the dog, but Liney is just plain fun to be around and she always stimulates my thinking. She's without a doubt the second most beautiful and thoughtful person (after Christ) that I have ever metshe lives the life daily no matter the cost. She's very consistent and smart! She has a heart towards the Lord and towards doing missions work—we both would like to do some short term missions trips in the near future again. I don't know if you have ever met her, but even though she is not a person of many words, she does have a funny dry wit about her. She's a very good expository Bible teacher too (very strong in the Old Testament Scriptures, because she is in the Word every morning alone) and when she teaches there's a good mix for the ladies ...of straight talk and subtle spontaneous jokes. Yup, that's when you hear her humor come out. They always request and want her to return soon.

Liney is an active German lady with dignity and very good taste in handsome well adjusted young men ...I'm specifically referring to the one she married. She actually fit in very well (better than I did) when we lived in Europe for four years (Her German grammar is better than mine by a long shot too).

She's a spiritual woman, not passive, not lazy, never bored, never at a loss for knowing what to accomplish, not inverted, not dim or slow to accurately assess a situation, nor is she selfish, carnal or worldly. She's doesn't ever want me to take her picture, but I sneak one anyways from time to time. Liney is never non-productive (especially when it has anything to do with flowers, a wedding or a birthday), but she's very straightforward, creative and always moving forward... always thinking of others before herself. She does it for the simple joy of seeing them smile. Liney also loves to visit people in the hospital and in their homes (especially around the neighborhood here--it takes hours) and she normally has something in hand to give to them …something they'll like to wear or eat (yup, a great cook!).

You probably didn't know that Liney has some Lab, health and hospital background from her years up in Northern Colorado. Have you ever seen where God has her working now? She works for Doctor Kenneth Cooper at his original clinic-day spa on Preston Road (there are two locations). Christian and I love to do the rock climbing wall there (and that's a pic of me swimming with the black hat on). Mr. Cooper has quite an impressive clientèle to say the least. I wish my resume was half as cool (He's always busy taking care of Presidents, secret service personnel, actors, guys running for office, NFL players etc). Liney and I both respect him a lot 'cause he's the real deal. He is a humble godly Christian man with great character, with an excellent sterling track record and a very practical health-minded radio program that's heard all over these parts. In fact he is the one who coined the term "aerobic exercise" and started all those types of programs that promote this type of heart-healthy work out know, that get's your heart beating like it should because you're moving real fast (like I need today).

Liney's beyond awesome. I'M GRATEFUL! Anyways, there's a lot more that I can say and brag on her about, but she will be here and have me out that door to go do something adventurous or semi-aerobic soon, so I better get ready.

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